WATEC Israel water practices announced in Ethiopia

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The Embassy of ISRAEL in Addis-Ababa announced through the Ethiopian news broadcast, that Ethiopia and Israel are doing well in sharing water related best practices.Teshafye Dichalla, from the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity stated that the workshops, held last Thursday, are highly appreciated.
Guy Reshev from Israeli Water Authority mentioned that the Israel aims to share the  best Israeli practices in the management of Water, by  solving waste water treatment problems in Ethiopia and as well as to improve the water quality in Domestic pumping wells.

EBC also announced the forthcoming WATEC Israel 2017 International Water Technology & Environment Control Conference and Exhibition that will take place in Israel in September 12-14.


Ethiopia Needs to Bring Modern Water Technologies: Israel’s Ambassador

Addis Ababa June 15/2017 Israel’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Belaynesh Zevadia, said Ethiopia needs to bring modern water technologies so as to utilize its abundant water resources.
This was stated at a workshop organized by the Embassy of Israeli on Water Technologies and Environmental Control (WATEC) Conference that will be held in Tel Aviv from September 12-14, 2017 as well as the implementation of advanced Israeli technologies to cope with the natural water resource.
Israel does not have any water resource like Ethiopia but the country has been benefiting from every single drop of water using technological interventions, the Ambassador elaborated.
She further said “we are therefore encouraging Israeli investors to come and invest in Ethiopia, especially in water technology and irrigation sectors as they bring their best experiences.”
Water Quality and Monitoring Supervisor at Israeli Water Authority, Guy Reshef expressed on his part the readiness of Israeli investors to share their experiences by investing in Ethiopia.
“If the government wants to introduce Israeli companies to come here to Ethiopia, there is a will and knowledge for Israeli companies to invest in Ethiopia,” he noted.
Special Advisor to the Minster of Water, Energy and Irrigation, Tesfaye Fichala said “there is a lot to learn from our Israeli brothers and sisters as they have effectively developed their water sector through advanced technology interventions.”
The day long workshop is intended to familiarize Ethiopian investors and other stakeholders that are expected to attend the WATEC Conference.
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