CLEANVEST SUMMIT participation WATERTECH Challenge

Taking place within the framework of WATEC Israel 2024 and in collaboration with the Kinneret Innovation Center and WaterEdge.IL, the Cleanvest Summit, will be the perfect venue to meet start-ups and other investors and discuss partnerships and investments opportunities with water-tech start-ups.


Israel has the largest number of start-ups per capita in the world and is one of the most innovative countries in the world. In Israel, there are over a hundred innovative water technology start-ups in various stages of development, working to accelerate water technologies to provide fresh water to future generations.

Join us for an extraordinary summit that will showcase ground-breaking water technology at its best.

Target audience:

Investors, VCs

Water industry CEOs, Chairmans, Biz-Dev, and M&As positions

Innovation Hubs and Incubators


WaterEdge Challenge

Welcome to the CHALLENGE’s exclusive day – an unparalleled occasion tailored for investor attendees, startup founders, innovation hubs, industry CEOs, and

VCs alike. Dive into an immersive experience designed to foster exclusive networking opportunities and bespoke content, all while forging meaningful connections with Israel’s leading minds in WaterTech. Prepare to be captivated by the most pressing challenges and future trends in the industry. Keep your finger on the pulse of the emergent trends and technologies and join our innovation ecosystem adventure.

Don’t Face Your Problems Alone – Challenge Us Instead!

Many organizations face complex business, social, and technological challenges that require creative and efficient solutions. Rather than tackling these challenges alone, we invite you to join the CleanVest Challenge day and leverage the entire water industry resources.

Why should you join?

Diverse Knowledge Utilization: The “Challenge” approach opens the door to a wide range of knowledge, experience, and perspectives from external parties, such as entrepreneurs, students, and industry experts. This diversity leads to a deeper understanding of the problem and the discovery of innovative and unexpected solutions.

Increased Motivation: Involving employees in the problem-solving process enhances their sense of belonging, commitment, and motivation. Ownership of the solution leads to more effective long-term implementation.

Strengthening Community Ties: The “Challenge” approach allows your organization to connect with the professional and social community around it, fostering fruitful collaborations and strengthening your brand.

Cost Savings: Solving problems through the “Challenge” approach can save time and resources compared to traditional methods. Outsourcing knowledge and solutions can be a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to developing internal solutions.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation: The “Challenge” approach encourages out-of-the-box thinking and problem-solving, contributing to a more innovative and open organizational culture.

For more information on KIC Challenges , please contact :

Cleanvest Co-Chairs

Eytan Levy - Levy Ventures

Gili Elkin