Display Areas

Water Treatment Technologies:

    • Advanced filtration systems
    • Membrane-based separation processes
    • Chemical dosing and disinfection systems
    • Ultraviolet (UV) and ozone water treatment systems
    • Biological treatment processes

Wastewater Treatment Solutions:

    • Biological wastewater treatment plants
    • Anaerobic digestion systems for sludge management
    • Tertiary treatment and nutrient removal processes
    • Decentralized wastewater treatment technologies

Smart Water Management Systems:

    • IoT-enabled sensors for real-time monitoring
    • Data analytics and predictive maintenance software
    • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems
    • Water network modeling and optimization tools

Water Quality Monitoring and Testing:

    • Online and portable water quality analyzers
    • Laboratory equipment for water testing
    • Sensor technologies for detecting contaminants
    • Microbial and chemical water quality analysis tools

Desalination and Water Purification:

    • Reverse osmosis desalination systems
    • Thermal desalination technologies
    • Brine management and zero liquid discharge solutions
    • Advanced water purification and distillation processes

Water Recycling and Reuse Solutions:

    • Greywater and blackwater treatment systems
    • Rainwater harvesting and storage technologies
    • Onsite water reuse systems for residential and industrial applications

Water Distribution and Infrastructure Solutions:

    • Smart meters and metering infrastructure
    • Leak detection and pipe condition assessment tools
    • Water distribution network optimization software

Stormwater Management and Flood Control:

    • Stormwater retention and detention systems
    • Sustainable urban drainage solutions
    • Flood monitoring and early warning systems

Alternative Water Sources:

    • Rainwater collection and purification systems
    • Atmospheric water generators (AWGs)
    • Water-from-air technologies

Water-Energy Nexus Technologies:

    • Energy-efficient water pumps and motors
    • Energy recovery devices in water treatment plants
    • Integration of renewable energy sources in water facilities

Circular Economy and Resource Recovery:

    • Technologies for nutrient recovery from wastewater
    • Resource extraction from sludge and organic waste
    • Bioenergy generation from organic materials

Digital Water Solutions:

    • Digital platforms for water management and analytics
    • Water utility software for billing and customer service
    • Remote monitoring and control systems

Environmental and Ecological Solutions:

    • Wetland restoration and ecological engineering
    • Erosion control and shoreline protection technologies
    • Habitat restoration and biodiversity enhancement projects