WATEC Israel 2017 to host CleanVest community and water regulators from around the world

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Israel has long played a major role in the Cleantech field, evolving from a nation of limited natural resources to a significant player in global sustainability. Making use of its highly educated workforce and vast experience in hi-tech, the country has developed an industry, over 400 companies strong, dedicated exclusively to sustainable water, energy and environmental technologies.
The Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce invites international partners of chambers of commerce and trade organizations to participate at WATEC Israel 2017, a leading International Exhibition & Conference in the field of Water Technologies & Environment Control with 2 major events on the eve of the Watec Conference:
Regulators Seminar, which discussed the cooperation among water regulators from around the world, on how to share best practices with regulators facing common challenges in managing sustainable water sectors in changing environments. The strengths and weaknesses of different regulatory frameworks for sustainable management of water and sewage, embedded in their social, political and legal systems was presented and discussed by country regulators from Australia, Europe, USA and Israel. The sessions were opened by Ms. Felicia Marcus, Chair of California State Water Resources Control Board and Ms. Tamar Shor – Senior Deputy Director for Regulation in the Israeli Water and Sewage Governmental Authority.
The CleanVest Summit is a clean-tech, water innovation conference for investors. Challenges faced by the water investment community were discussed as well as the introduction of Innovative Israeli technologies and solutions. The CleanVest Summit always  serves as a great opportunity for the Cleantech community including entrepreneurs, water professionals, potential investors, and government officials to meet each other. Mr. Shay Rinsky, Director General, Ministry of Economy and Industry and Mr. Oded Distel, Director, Israel NewTech, Ministry of Economy and Industry opened the summit with greetings to the Israeli water technology entrepreneurs and International participants. This year’s CleanVest Conference attracted 134 participants from 23 countries, around 20 speakers and panelists. Watec Exhibition showcases an innovation hall focused on cyber, water and sustainability with Start-up companies who presented themselves also at CleanVest. Among the questioning “sharks” were some of the biggest companies from Israel as well as from worldwide water and clean-tech spheres such as US China Green Fund, AqWise, Israel-Colorado Innovation Fund, Innosphere and Blackhorn Ventures.
WATEC Israel 2017 is an International biennial professional Conference and Exhibition that offers a meeting place for manufacturers, researchers, investors, academics, purchasers and decision-makers representing both local and international businesses.
This event takes place over three days at the Israel Tel Aviv Convention Center with many satellite events and professional panels on issues of water treatment in the various industries. Part of the exhibition are Israeli startup companies with the most advanced technologies. Every WATEC Israel event attracts thousands of water and wastewater professionals from around the world including:
• Collection System Managers
• Environmental Engineers/Chemists /Scientists
• Executive Managers
• Local, State, and Federal Regulators & Public Officials
• Water and Wastewater Operators
• High Level Decision Makers, State Leaders
• Equipment Manufacturers and Representatives
• Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Professionals
• Private Industry and Academia Researchers
• Water and Wastewater Utility Managers and many more.

You still have the opportunity to be part of this growing community and to meet the leaders personally during Watec Israel 2017! Join us there!

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