The company have developed a waste water treatment system for a fundamentally new method in water treatment.

Advantages of ​this technology ​are undeniable: ​
- 70% ​reduction in ​costs for ​energy in ​comparison with ​the biological ​method; ​
- Reducing ​the footprint ​for the ​equipment up to ​five times; ​
- Total ​absence of ​odors, in ​connection with ​a closed sewage ​treatment ​process; ​
- Water after treatment will be directed ​for irrigation ​or other ​technical ​purposes; ​
- Dry residue ​can be used as ​organic ​fertilizer, etc.​ 

More ​inexpensive ​method of ​desinfection of ​drinking water, ​pool water and ​waste water. ​The company call it the ​vortex-​volnovoy reaktor.​ 

Do not be ​afraid of its ​name - it is a ​regular ​instrument in ​Kotormo ​simultaneously ​undergo several ​treatments - ​cavitation, ​processing ​pressure, ​processing ​temperature, ​magnetostriction,​ oxidation, ​degradation, ​electrolysis, ​reduced ​stiffness, ​changing the ​chemical ​composition and ​OE All this is ​happening at ​the same time ​in a short ​period ​time - that ​cleans waste ​water (drinking ​water) and ​disinfect at ​the same time. ​

 The company has ​experience in ​the use of this ​equipment for ​more than 5 ​years. ​Clear the ​drains pig ​farms, dairies, ​cattle ​slaughter ​plants, ​myasrpererabotki ​shops, ​breweries, ​wineries. ​and etc. 
 Ukrhimspetsmontash Ltd
 carry out ​development ​work on ​cleaning ​konstrkutorskie ​phenol-​containing ​wastewater.​

This method allows you to:
-Reduce electric energy costs in four times;
-Reduce foot print five times;
-Completely eliminate the sludge beds;
-Increase the cleaning rate of 200 times;
-Reduce the sanitary protection zone to 20 meters.

The company is engaged in desalination of sea water. And also development of technology for the separation of oil sludge and oil-contaminated water.