The International Exhibition & Conference On Water Technologies & Environmental Control

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The 8th International Exhibition & the 5th International Conference on Water Technologies
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AB -Africa Business Initiatives & Brussels Airlines
Kipriko Apt Suite 7B, Kabarnet Road, P.O.Box 102576, Nairobi, Kenya
T: +254-202-395-541, +254-721-253-849
Director:Knightingale I. Osome
Contact Person:Okotch Mondoh
Company Description
Consultancy in the field of Agriculture and rural development, professional tours, training, meetings, investor conferences and referencing. Representatives/Agency services for business entities.
Hall 10, Booth # 45
ABB Technologies Ltd.
5 Nahum Het St., Haifa 3508504, Israel
T: +972-4-850 2111
Director:Ronen Aharon
Contact Person:Mali Daniel
Company Description
ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. The company employs about 140,000 people and operates in approximately 100 countries, widely recognized through countless awards and scientific accolades for its innovations. Today ABB is the largest supplier of power grids in the world.
Hall 1, Booth # 71
Advanced Brine Solutions.
8 Ha’Zoran St., Netanya 4250608 / 8814, Israel
T: +972-74-7136600
Director:Mr. Amir Assa
Contact Person:Mr. Amir Assa
Company Description
Cost-effective treatment and management of brine and waste streams in a confined space, using a fully controlled and easily adjustable process, with small footprint and easy and quick set-up.
Hall 1, Booth # 92 (Kinrot Ventures)
Admir Environment.
24 HaTa’asiya st, Yehud, Israel
T: +972-3-5366646
Director:Amir Auerbach
Contact Person:Hemi Tamari
Company Description
Admir Environment provides ecological solutions for a broad range of applications: • Sludge dewatering by Geotube® • Reservoirs and rivers clean up • Reservoirs and landfills lining • Tanks cleaning by hydro-dozer • Marine dredging.
Hall 10, Booth #67

Advanced MemTech Ltd.
13 Hamazmera, Ness Ziona 7404713, Israel
T: +972-52-3011160
Director:Moshe Kelner
Contact Person:Jean Weill
Company Description
MemTech is a game changer company that has developed a portfolio of breakthrough polymeric UF and NF very hydrophilic membranes for a wide range of applications.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 9
A.G.M Communicat ion & Control Ltd.
Mitzpe, Lower Galilee 1527600, ISRAEL
T: +972-4-6774755
Director:Gideon Sela
Contact Person:Gideon Sela
Company Description
Distributed Control Networking for applications in environmental telemonitoring, water, sewage, industry, infrastructure, energy, oil & gas. Productline is based on a software platform for improved management of data communications in distributed areas.
Hall 1, Booth # 119
Agrobics Ltd.
Shefa-Amer 20200, P.O.Box 437 Shefa Amer 20200, Israel
T: +972-4-9504523/4
Director:Claire Twafshe
Contact Person:Mali Daniel
Company Description
AgRobics Ltd. has developed a technology involving the use of microbial pellets that significantly increase the stability of the anaerobic treatment process of agro-industrial wastewater. The improved process allows for a simplified reactor with cost savings on reactor construction.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 3
Moshav Nov 1292100, Israel
T: +972-4-6666999
Director:Yehuda Glikman
Contact Person:Moshe Ohana
Company Description
Weather Stasions, Sensors, Data Loggers, Diagnostic Kits, Soil Moisture Measurements, Fruit & Plant Measuremants, Precision Farming.
Hall 1, Booth # 10
Ale Ecology Services
Gedera 7075102, P.O.Box 235 Israel
T: +972-8-8601353
Contact Person:Alex Mangold
Company Description
Ecology Services Ltd. was founded in 1992. Ecology Services is working in the industrial field to improve the Environment. The company provides a wide range of technological solutions to Process industrial and hazardous waste.
Hall 10, Booth # 73
Amgal Chemical Production(1989) Ltd.
Beer Tuvia, Israel
T: +972-8-8610610,
T: +972-52-6117377
Director:Iris Fine
Contact Person:Diti Kahanovich
Company Description
Amgal Chemicals is an Israeli leader in the manufacturing and distribution of chemicals and raw materials. Amgal offers a broad range of products that promote effective and responsible water use, treatment and disposal. All of these solutions aim to encourage the protection and restoration of our natural water resources.
Hall 1, Booth # 48
P.O.Box 1230 Kiryat Haim, Israel
T: +972-4-8732771
Contact Person:Igal strgonov
Company Description
A.N.A.F-COATINGS is an Israeli company which specializes in industrial coating for anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion, thermic isolation and advanced sealing, using a wide range of materials: Polyurea, Epoxy, Polyurethane and more.
Hall 10, Booth # 23
AQUA HD Sepa rat ion & Filtrat ion Systems
4 Hamada St., P.O.Box 355, 20692, Israel
T: +972-4-6262660
Director:Daniel Ityel
Company Description
Separation and removal of suspended solids is one of the most important stages of purifying raw water into potable municipal water, treating sewer and wastewater and filtering water for industrial purposes.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 19
Aqua-Life Z.O.O Sp.k.
Poznanska str. 4, Kepno 63-600, Poland
T: +48-627-818998
Director:Leszek Sawicki
Contact Person:Halicki Wojtek tel. +49-176-72912567
Company Description
AQUA-LIFE Sp.z.o.o.Sp.k. is a manufacturer of advanced equipment for the desalination of seawater and brackish water.
Hall 10, Booth # 51
High Tech Park ,Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel
T: +972-2-6280538
Director:Yuval Rodan
Company Description
Aquallence was founded in 2010 with the goal of becoming a global leader in the field of Point Of Use (POU) water purification systems. Aquallence develops and markets transportable and stationary Water Purification Systems for the First Responder market, for rural & urban water supplies and for agricultural and industrial water supply systems. generator that supplies the highest ozone value performance for the longest operational lifespan.
Hall 1, Booth # 64
Aquanos energy
4 Hadekel St., Shoshant Haamkim, Israel
T: +972-52-5801501
Contact Person:Nadav Leshem
Company Description
Aquanos Energy has developed a unique wastewater treatment technology and process which produces high quality of effluent using only a fraction of the energy required by conventional wastewater treatment plants
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 33
Aqua Membranes LLC
Glenridge Place Nw Albuquerque, NM 87114 NM, USA
T: +1-505-362-0575
Contact Person:Rodney Herrington
Company Description
Water Treating Compounds.
Hall 10, Booth # 25
Aqua Rimat
P.O.Box 146, Horshim 4586500, Israel
T: +972-3-7763300
Contact Person:: Lior Hertz
Company Description
Aqua-Rimat, an innovative Israeli startup, is revolutionizing the way water is consumed, controlled and understood 64 The 8th International Exhibition & the 5th International Conference on Water Technologies by connecting water consumption to the Internet of Things (IoT).
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 35
Aquarius Spectrum Ltd.
8 Ha'Zoran St., Netanya 4250408, Israel
T: +972-74-7136619
Director:Zeev Efrat,CEO
Contact Person:Sigalit Tamary,Marketing
Company Description
Aquarius-Spectrum is specializing in cloud computing monitoring solutions for leak detection in urban water pipes networks, enabling a high level of water system operation and maintenance.
Hall 1, Booth # 92 (Kinrot Ventures)
Aquat ech Wat er Purification LTD.
Moshav Yad Rambam 113, Moshav Yad Rambam 997930, Israel
T: +972-8248514
Director:Shimon Kalfon
Company Description
Aquatech is a leader in innovative solutions and designs in the field of reverse-osmosis water purification systems, with years of experience, research and development. Aquatech offers a wide variety of products and services. Aquatech Group – a pioneer in the field of reverse-osmosis water purification, with smart and advanced systems in the business sector, medicine, hemodialysis, cosmetics, food industry, and others.
Hall 1, Booth # 101
Aqwise Ltd.
P.O.Box 12615, 8 Hamenofim St., Herzliya 4673329, Israel
T: +972-9-9591901
Director: Mr. Elad Frenkel
Contact Person:Ms. Noa Gershon
Company Description
Aqwise is a world leader in the development and implementation of advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions for the municipal and industrial global markets.
Hall 1, Booth # 109
A.R.I. Flow Accessories Ltd.
Kibbutz Kfar Charuv, 12932, Israel
T: +972-4-6761800
Director:Ariel Sagi
Contact Person:Hilla Sagi
Company Description
A.R.I. provides expertise in the planning, development and implementation of advanced solutions for water system protection Using control valves, air and check valves, for water supply, wastewater, agriculture and industry applications.
Hall 1 Booth # 68
Arad Group Ltd.
Doar Dalia Kibbutz Dalia 1923900, Israel
T: +972-4-9897911
Director:Mr. Nitzan Cohen
Contact Person:Eyal Hadar
Company Description
Arad specializes in innovative and precise water measurement technologies. Arad develops, manufactures, and markets high quality water metering and management systems- including AMR and AMI.
Hall 1, Booth # 52
Ariel Technical College
Ariel University Campus, 40700, Israel
T: +972-3-9066120
Director:Dr. Yocheved Pinhasi-Adiv
Contact Person:Ms. Rinat Sagi
Company Description
The Ariel Technical College is located on the campus of Ariel University, affording it a high academic standard manifested by top-notch teachers and advanced laboratories and teaching aids.
Hall 1, Booth # 69 (Academia Pavilion)
AST Ltd.
P.O.Box 33 Shahak Ind. Zone M.P Menashe 3786200, Israel
T: +972-4-8424444
Director:Boaz Shitzer
Contact Person:Boaz Shitzer
Company Description
AST - Clean Water Technologies provide smart water recycling solutions based on innovative technologies, combining solid separation, fine filtration and advance membrane desalination. The technologiesies used by AST are for treatment of drinking water, Industrial process water, & waste water recycling. 65 The 8th International Exhibition & the 5th International Conference on Water Technologies AST provides consulting as well as R&D and demo services.
Hall 1, Booth # 93
P.O.Box TN 757, Accra Greater Accra 00233, Ghana
T: +233-27-7410041
Contact Person:Kofi Atsi-Mensah
Company Description
representative of technological transfers in agricultural innovations start-ups, events management. Exporter of finished products of Ghana manufacturers, Herbal medicine, cooperation I economic development.
Hall 10, Booth # 35

Automation Yeruham
P.O.Box 1844, 34 Hahofer St. Holon
T: +972-73-2606400
Contact Person:Joe Ben Shoham
Company Description
The aeration blower system accounts up to 70% of the energy usage in a typical biological wastewater treatment plant Atlas Copco’s innovative air blowers - the latest energy efficient design and technologies.
Hall 1, Booth # 94
P.O.Box 3, Zipori 17910000, Israel
T: +972-9-9591901
Director:Eli Cohen
Contact Person:Emma Ben-Nun
Company Description
AYALA Water & Ecology is a company of sustainability experts, specializing in the creation of long lasting ecological systems using natural elements to cure man-made environmental problems.
Hall 1, Booth # 104
4/5 High-Tech Village, Hebrew University, Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel
T: +972-2-6243732
Contact Person:Sivan Cohen
Company Description
Ayyeka’s cyber-secure, plug-and-play remote monitoring solutions streamline and secure the process of bringing field data to decision makers, enabling improved operational performance, ensuring regulatory compliance and increasing customer satisfaction.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 8
Avda. De las Américas p 6/6, Pol. Ind. Oeste, Alcantarilla, Murcia, Spain
T: +34-968-89-30-80
Director:Tomas Perez
Contact Person:Mari Paz Quinonero
Company Description
AZUD is a world leader company in the water filtration and water treatment (drinking water, waste water, water recycling, desalination and grey water.
Hall 1, Booth # 73
Kvutzat Geva 1891500, Israel
T: +972-4-6535960
Director:Mr. Yiftach Ronen
Contact Person:Mr. Shlomi Atash
Company Description
For over 50 years Baccara has been specializing in the manufacture and production of products for automation and control systems in advanced irrigation systems, water management and water filtration control systems.
Hall 1, Booth # 37
Ball Tech Energy Ltd.
24 Ha’amal St. Rosh Ha’ayin, 4809268, Israel
T: +972-3-9021884
Director:Ilan Kessler
Contact Person:Ilan Kessler
Company Description
Ball Tech Energy products are: ATCS – Singapore Green Label Automatic Tube Cleaning Systems for shell and tubes heat exchangers. SR – Electrolysis Scale Remover. WSMF Whirled Sand Media Filter – No backwash sand media filter.
Hall 1, Booth # 166
Beijing ZMC Education & Technology Co., Ltd.
3-1118, Le Xiang Plaza, Qingheying East Str. Chaoyang, Beijing, P.R.China PC: 100012
T: +86-10-62669518
F: +86-10-62669525
M: +86-13910116850
Hall 10, Booth # 66
Benchmark Technologies Ltd.
Shahak Industrial Park 37862, Israel
T: +972-4-6350883/515
Contact Person:Ofer Shemer, Director
Company Description
Import and supplies resins for ion exchange systems and activated carbon for liquid and gas filtration system. Benchmark technologies cooperates with Reactive Ltd., a company reactivation of spent activated carbon.
Hall 1, Booth # 87
Berlin Technologies Ltd.
13 Gan Rave Blvd. Gan Rave Industrial Zone, Yavne, Israel
T: +972-8-6638100
Director:Gilad Berlin
Contact Person:Maty De Haas
Company Description
Berlin Technologies has grown to be one of the leading importers of a wide range of industrial pumps, machinery and spare parts supplying prominent Israeli manufactures.
Hall 1, Booth # 14
4 Hasadnaot St., Herzliya 46728, Israel
T: +972542373029
Director:Shlomo Sackstein
Contact Person:Keren Zalkind Zigelboim
Company Description
Green RO pretreatment based on electrical scale precipitation (ESR) and HOD (UV) destruction of chlorine. Removes Magnesium, Calcium, Silica, Iron, Manganese in feed water. Very low energy consumption and maintenance.
Hall 1, Booth # 39
Blue I Water Technologies Ltd.
18 Hamelacha St., Afek Industrial Park, Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel
T: +972-9-7680004
Director:Oren Blonder
Contact Person:Rachel Feldman
Company Description
Water quality analysis & monitoring. Global provider of smart online water quality analyzers and controllers, designed for industrial, drinking water, municipal, and private facilities. Highprecision, low energy, low maintenance.
Hall 1, Booth # 38
BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd.
5 Mazal Eliezer St. Rison-LeZion, Israel
T: +972-3-9625911
Contact Person:Yizhak Bot, Director
Company Description
Provide the apmOptimizer software that can analytically model any water production or distribution asset to improve Reliability, Maintenance, Availability and Production while reducing average 35% of the operation cost.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 21
CalCo Controls
439 S. Dartmoor Drive, Crystal Lake IL, USA
T: +1-847-639-3858
Contact Person:Charles Roth, Director
Company Description
For over 60 years CalCo has helped hundreds of leading manufacturers present their products in the most professional manner available. We want to provide a customized solution for your product to show it in its best light.
Hall 10, Booth # 58
Carus Corporat ion
315 Fifth St. Peru, IL, USA
T: +1-815-223-1500
Director:Jordi Aragones
Contact Person:Lorenzo Sacchetti
Company Description
Carus Corporation manufactures quality products to help solve environmental concerns. Carus’ mission is to excel in the markets of water treatment, air purification, and remediation by maintaining the highest standards.
Hall 10, Booth # 58
City of Akron
166 S. High St., Suite 202, Akron Ohio, 44308, USA
T: +1-330-375-2133
Director:Samuel DeShazior
Contact Person:Samuel DeShazior
Company Description
Using our extensive global network, AGWA develops pilot projects that connect state-of-the-art technology with proven business experience and local expertise, as well as valuable financial incentives. We start by seeking domestic and international water companies, utilities, organizations and institutions that have leading-edge technologies, systems and solutions.
Hall 1, Booth # 103
31 Rambam St., Petach-Tikva 49542, Israel
T: +972-52-3639073
Contact Person:Omer Bar-Lavy
Company Description
Tertiary stage water decontamination system, the MicrobiaMix system is a low cost, energy free, biological system for cleaning rivers and streams and for making sewage water useable for agricultural needs.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 37
CQM Ltd.
Kibbutz Givat Hashlosha 4880000, Israel
T: +972-3-9732080
Director:Ziki Livni
Contact Person:Rahamim Genish
Company Description
CQM develops manufactures and supplies Energy Efficiency and Chemical Free Water Treatment products for the Industry, Power and HVAC segments. The company distributes its products to app. 30 markets worldwide.
Hall 1, Booth # 17
CyberX Labs
6 Galgalei Haplada St., Herzeliya, Israel
T: +972-52-2337103
Director:Omer Schneider, CEO
Contact Person:Yael Beeri
Company Description
CyberX addresses security needs of the Industrial Internet. Its flagship product, XSense, detects cyber threats, system tampering and operational incidents in real-time, minimizing disruption to operations and downtime.
Hall 1 Cyber Pavilion
D.V.D Ilouz Projects Ltd.
P.O.Box 80, Kibbutz Hulda 76842, Israel
T:+972-2-6507576 / +972-50-3300404
Contact Person:Shlomi
Company Description
D.V.D ILOUZ Project exist over 30 years. Dealing with industrial painying, sand blasting, spwcial coatings, water reservoirs and concrete spraing. As a result our experience in rehabilitation water reservoirs, we’ve developed a uniqe under water robot pumping heavy sludge containing numerous amounts of waste – The best solution to this problem.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 36
Dionyx liquid analysis Ltd.
11 Hasadna St., Raanana 4365006, Israel
T: +972-9-8866052
Director:Leon Foror
Contact Person:Eynat Priel
Company Description
Supplier of instrumentation solution for water treatment plants, drinking water plant Polymer and flocculant plant, dosing pump and online analyzers.
Hall 1, Booth # 86
Dorot Control Va lves Ltd.
Kibbutz Dorot, M.P. Hof Ashkelon 7917500 Israel
T: +972-8-6808900
Director:Mr. Arye Tenenbaum
Contact Person:Mr. Shai Ben Arie
Company Description
Dorot Control Valves is a world leader in the development and supply of sustainable technologies and products for control and optimization of water systems. Established in 1946, Dorot has a long tradition of providing innovative solutions for various applications in water and other fluid systems.
Hall 1, Booth # 63
Mechek 18, Moshav Yashresh 76838, Israel
T: +972-50-6593659
Contact Person:Eli Halperin, Director
Company Description
Experts in solving sewage problems, Complex Sewage problems using unique physico–chemical and biological products .We construct tailor made WWTP. 100% success. We deal with Environmental Problems Soil, Air, WW. We supply solutions to tough problems from In House test Lab to a full treatment plant. We supply special Chemicals to WWTP ,factories and more.
Hall 10, Booth # 38
EKOTON Industrial Group (UAB Ekoton EU)
Mindaugo str., 15-1 Vilnius LT-03225, Lithuania
T: +370-652-25-560
Director:Pavel Abragimovic
Contact Person:Elena Shestakovskaya
Company Description
EKOTON is a leading manufacturer of equipment for wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering. The company produces more the 30 different types of equipment of its own design. EKOTON equipment successfully work more 1000 facilities in 13 countries around the world.
Hall 10, both 83
El Hamma Instruments Ltd.
Mevo Hama 12934, Israel
T: +972-4-6764521
Director:Avremi Galanti
Contact Person:Avremi Galanti
Company Description
Distribution marketing sales and service of water, waste water and fluid measurement equipment ThermoFisher WQ, WTW, YSI, Xylem and more.
Hall 1, Booth # 108
Elad Technologies [L.S] Ltd.
37 Nachshon St., Sgula, Petah-Tikva, Israel
T: +972-3-7212777
Director:Mendy Anaby
Contact Person:Mendy Anaby
Company Description
Provides fully automated, plating, finishing and wastewater treatment systems to the Surface Finishing, Electronics, PWB and Aviation industries. Our engineering, design, manufacturing and implementation teams supply turn-key projects, specifically tailored.
Hall 1, Booth # 105
Sderot, Industrial Area, P.O.Box 388, Israel
T: +972-8-6622300
CEO:Mr. Arie Chernobrov
Contact Person:Michal Tinovich
Company Description
A part of the ELBIT Systems Ltd. Group and a subsidiary of ELOP, ELSEC specializes in both Security & Surveillance Solutions and Tactical & Laser Systems, all based on in-house R&D and engineering.and more.
Hall 1, Booth # 64
Elcon Mamab Control Instruments Ltd.
Nachal Snir 8, Yavne 812245, Israel
T: +972-8-9433630
Director:Giora Brandwine
Contact Person:Adi Dolev
Company Description
Instrumentation manufacturers in the field of process industry for over 45 years, Specialization in wireless monitoring in various methods, with extensive experience in water and wastewater measurements of pressure, flow and level.
Hall 1, Booth # 117
Eltav Wireless monitoring
15 Hatassia St., Ranana 43654, Israel
T: +972-9-7440012
Contact Person:Shimon Peretz V.P Sales
Company Description
Industrial wireless monitoring solution to the process industry, mainly for valves and actuators but also for additional instrumentation, allowing greater, more intelligent real time monitoring with a significant cost reduction comparing with the traditional monitoring solutions.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 31
Emefcy Ltd.
P.O.Box 3171, 7 Haeshel St., Caesarea 3088900, Israel
T: +972-4-6277555
Director:Eytan Levy
Contact Person:Smadar Groundland
Company Description
Emefcy provides energy efficient biological wastewater treatment through Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors (MABR), especially suitable for decentralized water reuse. Emefcy also develops electrogenic bioreactors that produce electricity from wastewater treatment.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth #4
EMS - Mekorot Israel Nat ional Wat er Compa ny
1 Hapeled St., Holon 5881004, Israel
T: +972-3-5572614
T: +972-3-5572765
CEOMr. Ehud Danoch
Contact Person:Gil Saad, EMS Mekorot Projects
Company Description
EMS is Israel’s biggest water infrastructure company. The company activities includes: VTP manufacturing, deep drillings technologies, command & control technologies, sewage treatments technologies, desalination, water The 8th International Exhibition & the 5th International Conference on Water Technologies treatment and Unique cloud seeding technologies.
Hall 1, Booth # 31
En-Gibton Ltd.
P.O.Box 33516, Tel-Aviv 6133401, Israel
T: +972-54-4514089
Director:Shlomo Nir, Ph.D. Baruch Rubin, Ph.D.
Contact Person:Ehud Ezroni
Company Description
En-Gibton ltd. manufactures innovative water treatment filtration-adsorption technology. The company develops, produces and sells Micelle-Clay GRANULES for purification of contaminated water. A novel solution for the removal of dissolved anionic and neutral contaminants and pathogenic microorganisms from contaminated ground water, surface water, and wastewater sources.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 6
EP Purificat ion, Inc.
60 Hazelwood Dr. Champaign, Illinois 61820 USA
T: +1-217-493-8477
Director:Sung-Jin Park
Contact Person:Sung-Jin Park
Company Description
EP Purification manufactures novel ozone systems for purification of water and air. Based on microplasma technology developed at the University of Illinois, products are efficient, robust, compact, and precisely controllable.
Hall 10, Booth # 58
Enersun Process Control Ltd.
2 Habonim St. Netanya, Israel
T: +972-9-8355562
Director:Azulay Refael
Contact Person:Refael Azulay
Company Description
Enersun process control is a company for electrical contracting, system control (plc, scada) and general integration. We specialize in projects that combine electro mechanical systems in various infrastructure.
Hall 1, Booth # 115
Everything About Water
A1/152, Neb Sarai, IGNOU Road, New Delhi 110068, India
T: +91-11-43100568
Director:Hariharan Subramaniam
Contact Person:Hariharan Subramaniam
Company Description
EA Water is India’s leading knowledge and marketing solutions provider in the area of water and wastewater management. It aims to help companies to enter & expand in the Indian market through knowledge services, market research, publishing, events, consultancy and trade shows.
Hall 10, Booth # 49
Farm Dog
6/9 Arnon St., Tel Aviv 63455, Israel
T: +972-58-762-3077
Director:Liron Brish
Contact Person:Liron Brish
Company Description
Farm Dog develops precision agriculture solutions for small and medium sized farmers in order to help them reduce water use and nutrient leaching into the water supply.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 29
Fertilizer & Chemicals LTD. (ICL\Haifa )
T: +972-4-8468179
Director:Mr. Hanan Dor
Contact Person:Mr. Hanan Dor
Company Description
Fertilizers: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium – in either solid or liquid form, optionally applied with micro-nutrients & growth stimulators. Chemicals and special products - including basic chemicals, water treatment chemicals, food additives and feed additives.
Hall 1, Booth # 42
G.A.L Water Technologies Ltd.
Hashita St., Caesarea, Israel
T: +972-77-207-0056
Director:Danielle Benhaim
Contact Person:Danielle Benhaim
Company Description
G.A.L Water Technologies is backed by 20 years of experience in supplying water treatment systems for Industry, Agriculture and Drinking water. Last February, we have launched very unique system, patented solution, with the ability to produce drinking water from any contaminated water source, at any time and any place. We are pleased to introduce The first water purification vehicle in the worldGALMOBILE™.
Hall 10, Booth # 101
Galilee International Management Institute (GIM(
P.O.Box 208, Nahalal, Israel
T: +972-4-642-8888
Director:Mrs. Yael Strausz
Contact Person:Ms. Liz Shani
Company Description
Galilee International Management Institute, Israel develops advanced capacity building courses for over 171 countries. In over twenty-five years, it has received a global reputation as a leading management institute
Hall 1, Academy Pavilion
P.O.Box 39, Ramla 72100, Israel
T: +972-3-7954100
Contact Person:Gali Leibusor
Company Description
Gaon is the leading water infrastructure manufacturer in Israel specializes in providing infrastructure, equipment, engineering services in water, agriculture and gas to Israeli and overseas municipal and industrial bodies.
Hall 1, Booth # 32

German Capita l Region
c/o Potsdam Chamber of Commerce and Industry Breite Straße 2a-c 14467, Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany
T: 0331-2786-241
Contact Person:Ms. Olivia Liebert
Company Description
CCI Potsdam together with a heterogeneous delegation of companies mainly of the field of energy and environmental technologies.
Hall 10 and Booth # 39
German Pavilion – Federal Ministry for Economic Affa irs and Energy
Villemombler Strasse 76, Bonn 52123, Germany
T: +49-228-6150
Director:Dietmar Schmitz
Company Description
Germany participates with a German presentation offering a professional brokerage service to help to establish contacts with Germany and comprehensive information on Germany as an important business location.
Hall 10, Booth # 60/61
Guangdong Sino-Israeli Water Treatment Innovative Industrial Park Co., Ltd.
Building No. 1, Technological Innovation Park, Songshan Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
T: +86 769 2289 9909
Director:Pan Huageng
Contact Person:Todd Zeng
Company Description
Guangdong Sino-Israeli Water Treatment Innovative Industrial Park Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company which undertakes and introduces advanced water treatment and environmental friendly technologies from Israel, European countries, the USA, Japan and Australia and further develops and industrializes the technologies. The company is responsible for construction and management of the Sino-Israeli Park.
Hall 1, Booth # 89
6 Tnuat Hameri St., Kiryat Ono 5528603, Israel
T: +972-54-4949754
Contact Person:Michael Schlesinger
Company Description
GUTERMANN is a global technology leader and innovator in intelligent water loss technologies and leak detection technology. 3rd generation privately owned family enterprise with headquarters in Switzerland and global regional offices across the globe. Our flagship products ZoneScan Alpha and Zonescan NE. GUTERMANN has become a synonym for precision, quality and reliability in leak detection technology worldwide.
Hall 10, Booth # 5
Galilee Internat ional Management Institute (GIMI)
P.O.Box 208, Nahalal, Israel
T: +972-4-642-8888
Director:Mrs. Yael Strausz
Contact Person:Ms. Liz Shani
Company Description
Galilee International Management Institute, Israel develops advanced capacity building courses for over 171 countries. In over twenty-five years, it has received a global reputation as a leading management institute.
Hall 10, Booth #
Hakohav Valves
8 Ashlegan St., Kiryat Gat 8202195, Israel
T: +972-8-6818899
Director:Mr. Yossi Boossani
Contact Person:Meirav Almog
Company Description
Hakohav Valves - Long Life Valves Centric (vulcanized) Butterfly valves up to 64” Resilient seated gate valves up to 24” Diaphragm valves up to 12” We provide low cost solutions for various applications.
Hall 1, Booth # 32
Hamenia Pumps Ltd.
Beit Alpha St., Tel Aviv, Israel
T: +972-3-5622011
Director:Engler Shlomo + Engler Zeev
Contact Person:Shlomo Engler
Company Description
Hamenia Pumps manufacture, sell and repair all types of pumps: centrifugal, submersible, vacuum, mixers, process and others. Represent in israel well known companies: Saer, Landustrie, Faggiolati, Sihi Salvatore Robuschi and others.
Hall 1, Booth # 107
HARBO Technologies LTD.
Tel Aviv 69982, Israel
Contact Person:Boaz Ur
Company Description
HARBO Technologies introduces the first immediate oil spill containment system that prevents the disastrous consequences of marine oil spills. General
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 15
HEFER systems & controls Ltd.
P.O.Box 8016, South Industrial Area Netanya, Israel
T: +972-9-8995069
Director:Ansher Ofer
Contact Person:Ansher Ofer
Company Description
Hefer is a leading company in the field of on-line analyzers and sensors, lab and portable instruments, metering pumps and stations and water and waste treatment technologies such as UV, Ozone and filtration.
Hall 1, Booth # 36
Hoffmann & Hoffmann
Shoham St. Petach Tikva, Israel
T: +972-54-5597083
Director:Hoffmann Amos
Contact Person:Metzger Yuval
Company Description
Hoffmann & Hoffmann is a veteran R&D company specializing in the development of control and monitoring instrumentation for the water market. Hoffmann & Hoffmann has patented products that are implemented in more than 900 sites and utilized by major water utilities worldwide.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 25
Hadasah Neurim, Beit Yannai 40293, Israel
T: +972-50-4022315
Director:Oshik Efrati
Contact Person:Ron Yariv
Company Description
Renewable Energy. Producing clean cooking gas from organic waste and preventing indoor pollution from charcoal cooking. Treating organic waste at its source and preventing rivers pollution.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 7
15 Shnitzler St. Tel Aviv 6816549, Israel
T: +972-3-7175408
Director:Mr. Issac Ashkenazi
Contact Person:Roni Levy
Company Description
Hop Engineering manufactures the pth – water improver to control limescale and rust in hot and cold water systems, for domestic, industrial and agricultural uses.
Hall 1, Booth # 20
Huliot Advanced Flow System
Kibbutz Sde Nehemia, Israel
T: +972-4-6947493
Director:Danit Dai
Contact Person:Danit Dai
Company Description
Greywater treatment stations, Waste water treatment stations, Membrane Bioreactors for waste water, ultrafiltration for wastewater ,municipal treatment plants, industrial treatment plants, greywater reuse, greywater recycle. MBR, microclear membrane.
Hall 1, Booth # 35
Hutchison Kinrot
8A Ha’Tzoran St. P.O.Box 8814 Netanya 4250408, Israel
T: +972-74-7136666
Director:Roy Wiesner
Contact Person:Roy Wiesner
Company Description
Technology incubator and seed investor in a diverse portfolio of water technologies, including: Smart Water Networks, water and wastewater treatment, sludge and brine treatment, energy recovery devices and aquaculture.
Hall 1, Booth # 92
Hydra Engineering LTD.
8 Dr. felix Zandman St. Holon 58814, Israel
T: +972-3-5566066
Director:Primor Ronen
Contact Person:Primor Ronen
Company Description
All kind of pumps • Centrifugal, single & Multistage Pumps End Suction • Split Case • Submersible • Firefighting sets Renewable energy driven pumps Swimming pool pumps & filtration system.
Hall 1, Booth # 84
Hydronics engineering Ltd.
Moshav Netaim 76870, Israel
T: +972-3-9690678
Director:Aharon Giladi
Contact Person:Aharon Giladi
Company Description
Hydronics is a pump company working as agent and exclusive distributor in Israel of several pump manufacturers from around the world. The company was established in 1994 by Aharon Giladi and Raanan Haron who both have more than 30 years of experience in the pumps business.
Hall 1, Booth # 90

8 HaZoran St. Poleg Industrial Zone P.O.Box 8814, Netanya 4250408, Israel
T: +972-74-7136600
Director:Assaf Bassi
Contact Person:Ohad Lev
Company Description
HydroSpin provides a patented microenergy solution for water monitoring systems, sensors and data loggers. Our goal: to make water monitoring power more available, green and affordable. HydroSpin’s micro-generator creates enough power to support remote devices 24/7 throughout the water network such as sensors and transmission devices, powering “online transmission”.
Hall 1, Booth # 111
11 Kiryat Mada St., Jerusalem 92450, Israel
T: +1-866-271-2757
Contact Person:Omri Green
Company Description
ICS2 provides advanced cyber solutions for protecting critical infrastructures. Our groundbreaking security appliance, OnGuard, enables security teams to detect hidden cyber-attacks on their Industrial Control Systems and improve plant productivity.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 7
IFAT 2016 (Yoni Adv.Productions)
Raoul Wallenberg 14, Tel aviv, Israel
T: +972-3-6492050
Director:Arik Zur
Contact Person:Daniella Greenfeld
Company Description
World’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies. 3000 exhibitors, 135,000 visitors from 168 countries. Major sectors: Water and sewage treatment, waste recycling, coastal protection, decontamination of soil and raw material.
Hall 10, Booth # 12
Illinois Depa rtment of Commerce & Economic Opportunity
100 W Randolph St., Chicago, Illinois 60601, USA
T: +972-2-571-0199
Director:Sherwin Pomerantz
Contact Person:Seth Vogelman
Company Description
Assists in the export promotion of products manufactured by Illinois companies.
Hall 10, Booth # 58
In-Pipe Technology Compa ny, Inc.
725 N. Central Avenue, Wood Dale 60191, Illinois USA
T: +1-630-509-2488
Director:John Williams
Contact Person:John Williams
Company Description
In-Pipe Technology® Company, Inc., provides biological treatment services and equipment processes that dramatically reduces both influent loading and sludge discharge. The processes provide revenue streams by producing energy and fertilizer.
Hall 10, Booth # 58
7 Tozeret Ha’aretz St., Tel Aviv, Israel
T: +972-3-5501783
Director:Barak Perelman
Contact Person:Barak Perelman
Company Description
Indegy is developing advanced ICS asset management and cyber security platform in order to provide visibility, protection and operational continuity for your water industrial networks.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 30
39 Kalman Gavrielov St. Rehovot 7638273, Israel
T: +972-8-9473974
Director:Eli Amar
Contact Person:Mati Golan Samimi
Company Description
We are providing in Emergency situations (water disasters, earthquakes, weather disasters) excellent drinking water by using our advanced equipment for purifying and supplying alternative drinking water “net” fully controlled. We developed anti- terror measures to reduce the opportunities of inserting poison and drugs to the water systems.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 28
Instrumetrics Industrial Control Ltd.
8 Hamlacha St., Poleg Industrial Zone, P.O.Box 8696 Netanya 4250543, Israel
T: +972-9-8357090
Director:Mr. Ofer Ben Ephraim
Contact Person:Dana Shchori
Company Description
Instrumetrics Industrial Control Ltd import, sell and offer complete service and technical support to the customer in the fields of continuous measuring of level, flow, pressure, temperature and liquid analysis.
Hall 1, Booth # 120
Innovating Environmenta l Solutions Center
33, Spyros Kyprianou / 3rd Industrial Area, Limassol – Ypsonas/Agios Sylas 4193, Cyprus
T: +357-25-780160
Director:Mr George Fantaros
Contact Person:Mr George Kazamias
Company Description
Innovating Environmental Solutions Center is licensed for management of Hazardous and Non Hazardous Waste by Cyprus Ministry of Environment and the main scope of work mainly consist the provision of waste management
Hall 10, Booth # 46
Internat ional Wat er Va lley
2nd Floor, Building No. 1 Technological Innovation Park, Songshan Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone, Dongguan, Guangdong, Doguan City 523808, China
T: +86-0769-22899909
Director:Aileen Chen
Contact Person:Serena Liang
Company Description
The vision of IWV is to create the world’s “water valley” in China, attracting and creating new businesses in water industry, and aims to address key water issues in China.
Hall 1 Both # 89
5 Ha’arad St., Ramat Hahayal, Tel Aviv, Israel
T: +972-3-6486959
Director:Natan Zuta
Contact Person:Tamar Shoval
Company Description
IOSight is a market leader in infrastructure facility management systems. IOSight provides iGreen a cost effective, user friendly BI/data management and reporting (DM&R) solutions for water and energy infrastructure facilities.
Hall 1 Boot# 72
IDC-Israel Diamond Center
1 Jabotinsky St. Ramat Gan, Israel
T: +972-3-5757979
Director:Nahman Raveh
Contact Person:Akiva Levin
Company Description
IDC is an official member of the Israel Diamond Exchange. IDC offers clientele exquisite diamonds & jewelry, duty free, dealer prices directly from the source. Diamonds for investment with GIA gemological certificate & international warranty. Supervised by the Ministry of Tourism, Israel Export Institute & the Standards Institution of Israel.
Hall 10, Booth # 47
ISERD - The Israel – Europe R&D Directorate
Industry House, 29 Hamered St., Tel Aviv, Israel
T: +972-3-5118122
Contact Person:Ayala Karniol
Company Description
ISERD - The Israel-Europe R&D Directorate promotes the participation of Israeli entities in R&D ventures within the European Research Area (ERA) through a variety of multilateral and binational platforms.
Hall 10, Room A4
Israeli Forum LTD.
P.O.Box. 948, Givataim, Israel
T: +972-3-6766063
Director:Neomi Zelmanovi cz
Contact Person:Neomi Zelmanovi cz
Company Description
The environmental and water technologies directory is an exclusive Israeli directory listing the entire service providing companies. It is published in print, digitally, and on the web. It is distributed to purchasing, marketing managers, and CEO’s throughout the country.
Hall 1, Booth # 81
IX Power Clean Water, Inc.
Sandia Science & Technology Park
1451 Innovation Parkway SE, Suite 600
Albuquerque, NM 87123-0001, USA
T: +1-505-661-1000
Contact Person:Deborah A Deal-Blackwell
Hall 10, Booth # 26
IWWA-Israel Water Association
Kibbutz Eyal, Israel
T: +972-97903444
Contact Person:Natan Sela
Company Description
Testing and scanning water systems. Planning systems for water filtration, pumping stations, and systems for wastewater treatment.Supplying systems for testing the quality of water.
Hall 1, Booth # B5
Zemach Regional Center Jordan Valley, Israel
T: T: +972-4-6653713
Director:Prof. Shimone Gepstein
Contact Person: Bili Ganor
Company Description
The water industry engineering department trains engineers for the B.Sc degree in a very up to date curriculum covering both quantitative and qualitative issues of the modern water sector.
Hall 1, Academy Pavilion
Lemico LTD.
25 Hatahasiya St., P.O.Box 2154, Ra'anana, Israel
T: +972-9-741-2657
Director:Yair Limon
Contact Person:Dvir Limon
Company Description
Lemico provides comprehensive solutions for Physical and Analytical measurements, Valves, Actuators and Dosing pumps. Lemico Supports its customers throughout the complete life cycle of the product beginning from project consultations, commissioning, technical support, maintenance and repairs.
Hall 1, Booth # 81
49 Ushiskin St., Jerusalem 94542, Israel
T: +972-4-850 2111
Director:Netanel Raisch
Contact Person:Netanel Raisch
Company Description
Lishtot’s technology detects contamination in water in less than 2 seconds. Lishtot’s electronic sensor detects bacteria, heavy metals, organic waste, pesticides and could be implemented in on-pipe or portable devices.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 13
Luxembourg Industries Ltd.
27 Hamered St., Tel-Aviv 6812509, Israel
T: +972-3-7964300
Director:David Luxembourg
Contact Person:Yuval Shtosser
Company Description
Luxembourg Industries Ltd. - Producers of generic crop protection products and specialty chemicals. Our wide range of agrochemical products includes Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides as well as post-harvest and water treatment products.
Hall 1, Booth # 109
Madan Trading ACA Ltd.
Kibbutz Maagan Michael, Israel
T: +972-4-6243353
Director:Mr. Itzik Albag
Contact Person:Mr. Gilad Degani
Company Description
Madan (Trading) Technologies is the leading pumps supplier in Israel. The company also offers water, waste water and aquaculture equipment and solutions in Israel and abroad. The company holds an ISO 9906 Hydraulic testing room as well as ISO 9001.
Hall 1, Booth # 54
Mayan Watertech Ltd. /Azud
P.O.Box 343 Kfar Tabor 1524100, Israel
T: +972-4-6772166
Director:Tamir Shemer
Contact Person:Jessica Mittrany
Company Description
Providing know-how and products to the water industry, desalination, wastewater, Irrigation, to the mining industry and other industrial applications. The Company incorporates tens of years of knowledge in the field of water supply.
Hall 1, Booth # 102
Mayim Tech
Maale Habanim, Yokneeam Moshava 2060000, Israel
T: +972-73-2016500
Director:Boaz Levin
Contact Person:Tali Modan
Company Description
Advanced environmental solutions. Industrial waste-water treatment: Consult-Design-Install-Operate
Hall 10, Booth # 15
Adana Hacı Sabancı Organize Sanayi Bölgesi İstiklal Caddesi No: 10 Sarıçam, Adana, Turkey
T: 00-90-322-346-0074
Director:Şahin MANGTAY
Contact Person:Olgay TOPÇAM
Company Description
MAZLUM STEEL PIPES manufactures Water Steel Pipe-Lines, Marine Piling Pipes (Tubular PILES), Piling Pipes for Combi-Wall Applications, Potable Water and Waste-Water Pipe-Lines, Construction Pipes, Water Well Screen Pipes, Industrial Pipes and Gas Pipes (API)
Hall 10, Booth # 71
110 Mordey Hagetaot St., Beer Sheva 84206, Israel
T: +972-8-623-7984
Director:Ilan Traitel
Contact Person:Michel Cohen
Company Description
Founded in 1964, Medent has developed into the leading supplier of scientific equipment in Israel. Medent represents leading brands such as ELGA & HANNA. Our company is certified by ISO 9001:2008
Hall 1, Booth # 114
Mekorot - Israel Nat ional Wat er Compa ny
9 Lincoln St., Tel Aviv 6120101, Israel
T: +972-3-6230701
T: +972-3-6230478
Director:Mr. Shimon Ben-Hamo
Contact Person:Noah Gal Gendler
Company Description
Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company, is an international knowledge and expertise center that provides solutions to all water challenges, such as water management, water treatment, water safety, desalination, wastewater treatment & reclamation and more.
Hall 1, Booth # 31
Mekorot Development and Enterprise
1 Karlibach St., Tel Aviv 6713205, Israel
T: +972-3-6334531,
T: +972-3-6334501
Director:Mr. Moti Shiri
Contact Person:Mr. Moti Shiri
Company Description
Mekorot Development and Enterprise is the International business arm of Mekorot Group. Initiates projects and leverages the group know-how to offer solutions worldwide in various fields, including: desalination, water quality and wastewater treatment.
Hall 1, Booth # 31
Mekorot Development and Enterprise
9 Lincoln St., Tel Aviv 6120101, Israel
T: +972-3-6334531,
T: +972-3-6334501
Director:Mr. Amiram Ochayon
Contact Person:Mr. Zvi Pinczowski
Company Description
Mekorot Development and Enterprise is the International business arm of Mekorot Group. Initiates projects and leverages the group know-how to offer solutions worldwide in various fields, including: desalination, water quality and wastewater treatment.
Hall 1, Booth # 31

11 Hagevura St., Kiryat Ata 28224, Israel
T: 972-4-8464999
Director:Mr. Gil Balisiano
Contact Person:Mr. Yehuda Meitlis
Company Description
The group serves more than 6000 clients, focusing on trade, manufacture and marketing products for treatment and distribution of fluids, supplying goods in water technology fields; • Water and sewage distribution • Sewage treatment plants • Industrial and Desalination facilities • Urban Region • Natural gas distribution
Hall 1, Booth # 49
Merav Dascalu Publishing
11 Haavoda St., Rosh HaAyin, Israel T: 972-3-9007900
Contact Person:Dascalu Israel, Director
Company Description
Merav-Dascalu Publishing is the leading publisher of professional periodical magazines regarding the industry in Israel. ‘Industries’ - bi-weekly newspaper about the industry Israel. ‘Cleantech’ – bimonthly supplement dealing with industrial environmental and more.
Hall 1, Booth # B2
T: +972-77-3353163,
T: +972-76-5411126
Director:Mickey Lip / Golan Tsadok
Contact Person:Mickey Lip / Golan Tsadok
Company Description
MG instruments specializes in providing consulting and marketing of instrumentation, control and automation for level, flow, pressure, temperature, humidity, data loggers, controllers, paperless records ,portable instruments etc.
Hall 10, Booth # 1

MIGAL Building, Southern Industrial Zone, Tarshish st. Kiryat Shmona, Israel
T: +972-4-6953511
Director:Avishai Levy
Contact Person:Uri Marchaim
Company Description
MIGAL is an applied research organization and technology accelerator specializing in Agro-biotechnology, environmental and agriculture sciences. Research in MIGAL is highly interdisciplinary resulting in a large number of joint projects with industrial partners.
Hall 10, Booth # 7
M.M.S. Electric LTD.
7 Hamasger St., Haifa 2629015 Israel
T: +972-4-8721124
Director:Hanan Brodzky
Contact Person:Hanan Brodzky
Company Description
Din size 00,0,1,2 polyester enclosures for irrigation, Small irrigation enclosures, Wi-Fi Web Based Irrigation Controller, electrical terminals. Mobile (IPHONE, Android) Control Irrigation Controller.
Hall 10, Booth # 17
Modotec Ltd.
16 Moshe Borenstein St. South Industrial Park, Acre 2422238 Israel
T: +972-4-9919988
Director:Shmulik Oster / Zeev Gottlieb
Contact Person:Mira Atar
Company Description
Modotec Group is a leading “solutions supplier” for the water and wastewater fields. Modotec offers a wide product range such as analytical instrumentation, flow measurement, SBR technology effluent reuse, sludge treatment, industrial wastewater treatment technique.
Hall 1, Booth # 88
NanoSpun Technologies
5 Ha'mada St., Yoqneam 2069200, Israel
T: +972-4-8708321
CEO:Ohad Bendror (Bendas)
Contact Person:Ohad Bendror (Bendas)
Company Description
NanoSpun is a global leader in encapsulation and immobilization of microorganisms for improved biological processes. NanoSpun products offer high surface area, impressive concentration of microorganisms, enhanced performance and ease of use.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 26
NeoTop Water Systems Ltd.
54 Ehad Ha’am St., Tel-Aviv 6520216, Israel
T: +972-54-8080248
Contact Person:Noam Levy, Director
Company Description
The Company manufactures and sells, the TopUp Balls™ innovative modular cover system, which solves wide-ranging problems related to open water reservoirs and develops a variety of additional products based on its technology.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 24
New Mexico Economic Development Dept.
1100 St Francis Drive Santa Fe 87505, New Mexico, USA
T: +972-2-571-0199
Director:Seth Vogelman, Trade Director
Contact Person:Seth Vogelman
Company Description
Assists in the export promotion of New Mexico company products worldwide.
Hall 10, Booth # 25, 26, 27
Nisha - Quality Recruitment
Arava 1 Airport City Israel 947 Shoham 6085001, Israel
T: +972-77-7725582
Director:Lizi Shoov London
Contact Person:Yaniv Ben Ishay +972-54-9214116
Company Description
Nisha Group is a leading contingency placement firm in Israel. Nisha Group Specializes in quality recruiting in the fields of Water, Energy and Environmental technologies, for Startups and leading companies.
Hall 1, Booth # 23
8A Ha’Zoran St. P.O.Box 8814, Poleg Industrial Area, Netanya 4250408, Israel
T: +972-74-7136600
Contact Person:Mr. Ehud Nagler
Company Description
Developing a completely new aerator systems for fish farming, operated by water pressure rather than electricity, making it completely safe, light and easy to operate, while dispensing more water.
Hall 1, Booth # 92 (Kinrot Huchinson)
Odis Filtering Ltd
8 Martin Gahel St., P.O.B 3137, Kiryat Arie, Petach Tikva 49130, Israel
T: +972-3-9258500
F: +972-3-9214515
Marketing Manager:Sari Eli
Contact Person:Menachem Ghertner
Company Description
With solutions deployed in more than 50 countries, Odis Filtering is a globally leading provider of water and wastewater treatment plants for various applications and industries. Odis designs, manufactures and delivers tailored water treatment solutions.
Hall 1, Booth # 47
Ha'Carmel 3, Cochav Building 2069207, Yokneam Ilit, Israel
T: +972-4-9890880
Director:Mr. Ilan Goldman
Contact Person:Adi Hatan
Company Description
OUTLOCKS presents a wide variety of innovative robust locking management systems based on revolutionary patented Knock Code technology. With APLICATZIA management software, OUTLOCKS solutions are ideal for outdoor water utilities.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 16
Paladex Ltd.
Kibbutz Beerot Yitzhak 6090500, Israel
T: +972-3-937-5006
Director:Drew Marks
Contact Person:Drew Marks
Company Description
Large diameter plastic pipe systems. Pipe diameters above 300mm for drainage and sewage purposes. For agriculture, municipality, roadworks and civil engineering usage.
Hall 1, Booth # 95
PHASE3 Technologies
27 HaHistadrut Avenue, Haifa 3296018, Israel
T: +972-4-6577949
Director:Mr. Zeev Bronfeld
Contact Person:Dr. Prosper Dayan
Company Description
providing a unique and innovative patent pending technology for real-time monitoring and alerting of mechanical malfunctions in 3 phase motors, addressing the unmet need to reduce the cost associated with unscheduled operations & maintenance events in the electrical motors and generators market.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 18
PML – Particle Monitoring Technology – LTD.
20Yochnan Hasandlar St. Haifa 3296220, Israel
T: +972-4-6892607
Director:Shlomi Schelpak
Company Description
PML has developed a novel robust tool for an on-line particles detection, sizing and classification in a flowing liquid. The detected range is: 0.02um –100um (and above).
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 5
portal rashuiot
Holon, Israel
T: +972-50-3335044
Director:Marina Adiv
Contact Person:Marina Adiv
Company Description
Rashuiot is a unique portal that combines updated information for operations in the Israeli governmental sector. The portal also uses as a professional tool for the authorities decision makers.
Hall 10, Booth # 34

Powercom Noatech
88 Avshalom Gisin St., Petach Tikva, Israel
T: +972-3652-3800
Director:Yackov Dar
Contact Person:Joseph Wittman
Company Description
PowerCom is a leader in Advanced Metering Infrastructure solutions enabling control and visibility of the distribution network to reduce losses, and identify pipe bursts within a day – in an interoperable standards based architecture.
Hall 1, Booth # 11
Preferred Produce - New Mexico USA
Columbus Rd. SE Deming, NM 88030, USA
T: +1-575-527-9807
Contact Person:Matthew Harold Stong
Hall 10 Booth #27
Primeline Technologies
19 Hutsot Hayotser, Ashkelon, Israel
T: +972-8-6719017
Director:Moshe Jan
Company Description
Metal construction.
Hall 1, Booth # 60
9 Simha Holtsberg St., Herzliya, Israel
T: +972-3-5757566
Contact Person:Chen
Company Description
Proximo Develops and manufactures technological solutions for the home. Our first product is a small computer for solar water heater and Electric water heater, allowing the user to manage his heater temperature, provides hot water to the desired temperature at the desired time with minimal energy use and enables assurance, savings and convenience.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 21
Airport City P.0.Box 1064, 70100 Israel
T: +972-3-9797972, +972-50-5411200
Director:Mati Samimi Golan and Duek Haim
Contact Person:Sandak Yossie
Company Description
QWATER is a leader supplier for “know-how” and equipment for local water corporations, municipality authorities, and HLS organizations.The proposed solution – supply of drinking water is certified by the Israeli Water Authority and the Health Ministry to the local water corporations and municipal authorities in Israel, who is responsible for water distribution to the population during emergency events.
Hall 10, Booth # 100
31 HaBarzel St. Tel Aviv 69710, Israel
T: +972-77-5012702
Contact Person:Amit Slutzky
Company Description
Radiflow provides cyber security solutions for critical distributed automation applications. Radiflow’s security tool-set validates the behavior of the SCADA/ ICS network in normal operation and during maintenance activities (continues In-vessel composting).
Hall 1 Cyber Pavilion
Ramim - Environmenta l resources
Maale Habanim, Yokneeam Moshava 2060000, Israel
T: +972-73-2016500
Director:Boaz Levin
Contact Person:Tali Modan
Company Description
Innovative technology for sludge & organic wastes treatment (continues In-vessel composting).
Reali Technologies Ltd.
14 Bazelet St. Zur Yigal 4486200, Israel
T: +972-97494000
Director:Shaul Rom
Contact Person:Shaul Rom
Company Description
RealiteQ, a unique secured SCADA & Maintenance technology that works over the internet, helps decision-makers to share information crucial to cooperation in the management of the future Smart City and allows remote operation and service.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 34
Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials (RCPTM(
Šlechtitelů 27 78371 Olomouc, Czech Republic
T: (+420)585634973
Company Description
RCPTM is a scientific and research centre connected to the Faculty of Science, Palacký University, Olomouc. RCPTM focuses primarily on chemical, material and optical research. Priority research areas include metal oxide nanoparticles for catalytic, magnetic and biomedical applications, carbon nanostructures based on graphene and carbon quantum dots, metal nanoparticles for antimicrobial treatments and water treatment technologies.
Hall 10, Booth # 37
Renergy Wat er Technologies
8A Ha’Zoran St. P.O.Box 8814, Poleg Industrial Area, Netanya 4250408, Israel
T: 972-74-7136600
Contact Person:Mr. Oded Elish
Company Description
Energy Recovery Device for reverse osmosis desalination plants. Eliminating the need for a booster pump and the phenomenon of mixing, delivering superior energy efficiency, along with dramatic capex reduction.
Hall 1, Booth # 92 (Kinrot Huchinson)
Rimon LTD.
11 Bareket St., Industrial Park, Caesarea 3088900, Israel
T: +972-54-2377115, +972-54-2377115,
Contact Person:Alon Tish / Noa Scott
Company Description
A one-stop solution provider whose expertise focuses on three main areas; water and effluents, gas and energy, water-based solutions for mining. Its solutions for governmental and private sectors located around the globe.
Hall 1, Booth # 80, 81
Royal Danish Embassy,Israel
Museum Tower, 4 Berkovitz St., Tel Aviv 6423806
T: +972-3-608 5870
Contact Person:Louise Vibjerg Thomsen, Commercial Counsellor, Head of Trade & Innovation
Company Description
We invite you to meet some of Denmark’s innovative water technology companies and acclaimed research institutions. The delegation seeks to establish new business cooperation opportunities and contribute to research in water technology.
Raphael Valves Industries Ltd.
Northern Industrial Zone, P.O.Box 555 Or Akiva 30600, Israel
T: +972-4-6263555
T: +972-4-6263558
Director:Arnon Klein
Marketing Manager:Ilan Raif
Contact Person:Mordi Alon
Company Description
Raphael Valves Industries Ltd, founded in 1949, part of Talis Group, is the first Israeli manufacturer of quality control valves. Since then, RAPHAEL is leading the Israeli and international market valve industry with its wide and innovative product range.
Hall 1, Booth # 30
Romold Technologies Ltd.
P.O.Box 2507, Afula 18124, Israel
T: +972-4-6420506/7/8 2111
Company Description
Romold Technologies Ltd. is a private company which was established in 1992. The company developes and manufactures polyethylene products using the Rotational molding technology.
Hall 1, Booth # 86, 87
North Ind. Park, P.O.Box 7284 Ashkelon 78172, Israel
T: +972-54-5319319
Director:Dr. Noam Perlmuter
Contact Person:Dr. Noam Perlmuter
Company Description
ROTEC Ltd. has developed an innovative desalination technology called Flow Reversal designed to be implemented in existing and new desalination facilities for brackish water and other industrial applications, enabling significant system performance improvements, leading to higher profitability, reduced operating costs and environmental impact associated with desalination.
Hall 1, Booth # 93
36 Hamerkava St., Holon 58859, Israel
T: +972-3-5566363
Contact Person:Moshe Haumi, Eli Shaked
Company Description
S.AL was established in 1974, the company is the leading distributor and wholesaler for construction, infrastructure and industrial products. S.AL offers a wide range of products under one roof, including pumps, valves, energy systems, plumbing equipment and firefighting systems. We represent around 50 suppliers from the USA, Europe and China. We support our clients from our 7 branches.
Hall 1, Booth # 33
4 Harakon St., Ben-Dov Building 4th floor, Ramt Gan, Israel
T: +972-3-3732010
Project Manager:Agmon Licht
Contact Person:Agmon Licht
Company Description
SAFEWATER - R&D collaborative FP7 project that aims to develop a comprehensive event detection and management solution for drinking water security management and mitigation against deliberate, accidental or natural CBRN-related contaminations.
Hall 10, Booth # 4
Hall 10, Booth # 11
Schneider Electric
Sagid House, Hasharon Industrial Park, P.O.Box 1800, Kadima 60920, Israel
T: +972-9-8305555
Director:Moshe Gueta
Contact Person:Moshe Gueta
Company Description
Schneider Electric offers smart water network system that includes products, software, solutions and integrated services that enable more efficient use of water and sewage systems, from control, network, information security, LV&MV panels up to full management that reflects in energy, maintenance and manpower savings.
Hall 1, Booth # 41
Sewer Equipment Co. of America
1590 Dutch Road, Dixon Illinois 61021, USA
T: +1-815-835-5566
Director:Nathan Berk
Contact Person:Nathan Berk
Company Description
With over 75 years experience manufacturing and servicing we the most complete line of sewer cleaning equipment and supplies anywhere in the world. See how we’re building a cleaner, safer future for the world’s sewer line infrastructure.
Hall 10, Booth # 58
12 Ha’Melacha St., Netanya 4250547, Israel
T: +972-9-7730740
Director:Shimson Horn
Contact Person:Noa
Company Description
Advanced, Sustainable Wastewater and Odour Treatment Solutions. SGTech is a multidisciplinary company specializing in consulting, design, construction, operation and maintenance of industrial wastewater treatment facilities and odour treatment systems.
Hall 10, Booth # 77
P.O.Box 21349, Tel Aviv, Israel
T: +972-3-6959352
Contact Person:AMIR COHEN
Company Description
Water magazine
Hall 1, Booth # B4

Solaris Synergy
12 Hartom St., Jerusalem 91451, Israel
T: +972-52-2601804
Director:Menachem Burko
Contact Person:Yossi Fisher, CEO
Company Description
Solaris Synergy is a leader in the provision and operation of Floating Photovoltaic systems. These novel yet field proven, low-cost systems are market ready for delivery, PPA or Turnkey, worldwide.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 11
SolEx Wat er Ltd.
8A Ha’Zoran St. P.O.Box 8814, Poleg Industrial Area, Netanya 4250408, Israel
T: +972-74-7136666
Director:Carmi Raz
Contact Person:Carmi Raz
Company Description
Water treatment technology for treating wastewater from the Oil and Gas industry. SolEx Water enables reuse of up to 95% of the wastewater from the Oil Sand and Fracking industry.
Hall 1, Booth # 92 (Kinrot Huchinson)
Stream Control Ltd.
20 Freiman St. Rishon LeZion 7535825, Israel
T: +972-3-9507181
Director:Tali Nimrodi
Contact Person:Gil Cordova
Company Description
Stream Control’s Aqua Guard ™ is a Dynamic Pressure Management system based on an advanced electronic controller. Our world-wide patented solution is the most immediate and costeffective solution to leakage reduction.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 27

11 Shontzino St., Tel Aviv, Israe
T: +972-3-5622333
Director:Ilan Gescheit
Contact Person:Gal Cohen
Company Description
Supergum is the biggest producer and suppliers of gaskets and rubber products. Raw material preparation well equipped laboratories and strict quality control enable Supergum production of qualified rubber products in a competitive price.
Hall 1, Booth # 34
SWAN, Smart Water Networks
Thames House Portsmouth Road, Esher Surrey KT10 9AD UK
T: +44-(0)-20-81-44-81-64
Director: Amir Peleg
Contact Person:Michal Chaefets, Marketing Manager
Company Description
SWAN, the Smart Water Networks Forum, is a worldwide industry forum promoting the use of data technologies in water networks, making them smarter, more efficient and more sustainable.
Hall 10, Booth # 10
4 Derech HaChoresh St., Yehud, Israel
T: +972-3-5555100
CEO:Amir Peleg, TaKaDu Founde
Contact Person:Rotem Shemesh
Company Description
TaKaDu empowers utilities to efficiently manage their networks by optimizing tactical and strategic decisions. TaKaDu’s patented technology analyses data from multiple sources to produce and prioritize network insights, transforming the way water networks operate.
Tal-Ya Agriculture Solutions
Gan Yoshiya, Israel
T: +972-4-6258983
Director:Avi Tamir
Contact Person:Mickey Chesla
Company Description
Tal-Ya’s trays enable farmers to get more from every acre. The trays dramatically increase crop yield, save 50% on water, 30% on fertilizer, protect trees and provide organic weed control.
Innovation Pavilion Booth # 20
Tamuz Electronics Ltd.
3 Hayozma St. Industrial Zone, Kfar Saba 4442216 Israel
T: +972-9-7633000
Director:Mr. David Danino
Contact Person:Mr. David Danino
Company Description
Tamuz Electronics Ltd. specializes in the development, engineering, design and manufacturing of solutions and off grid electronic systems based on renewable energy sources.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 14
Tahal Group
5 Arik Einstein St., Or Yehuda 6037505 Israel
T: +972-3-6924455
Director:Alon Yegnes, EVP International Division
Contact Person:Olga Gurevich
Company Description
Tahal implements integrated and sustainable projects in the areas of water, wastewater, agriculture, solid waste and natural gas as a one-stop provider of comprehensive project services.
Hall 1, Booth # 42
Technomad industrial instruments & control
19 Hashikma St., Holon 58009, Israel
T: +972-3-5585550
Director:Adi Yarkoni and Shmuel Shlos
Contact Person:Suzanne Cohen
Company Description
The company deals with supply and service of industrial instruments and control systems for the industry - water and wastewater plants, desalination, food, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemical and petrochemical industries, laboratories, research institutes.
Hall 1 Booth #82
Treat ec21 Industries Ltd.
Moshe Aviv Towers, 49 fl. 7 Jabotinsky St. Ramat Gan 5252007, Israel
T: +972-3-6114927
Director:Mr. Sagi Ben Yishai
Contact Person:Mr. Omri Maron
Company Description
Treatec21 Design, Build and Operate, Municipal and Industrial wastewater treatments plants, upgrading of existing wastewater purification (Oxidation) ponds or concrete plants. Its unique MSBS treat Municipal wastewater without any access of organic sludge.
ToxSorb LTD.
P.O.Box 293, Kibbuts Kfar Giladi, Israel
T: +972-4-6901014
Director:Mr. Ofer Avidan
Contact Person:Dana Hubner
Company Description
ToxSorb is a water technology company specializing in filtration systems using its proprietary Modified Activated Carbon (MAC) media, engineered to have selectivity towards specific pollutants.
Hall 1, Booth # 43
TriplePlus Ltd.
5 Hamada St., Yokneam 20692
T: +972-72-22-11-370
Director:Mr. Sivan Maron
Contact Person:Mrs. Yael Berkovitch
Company Description
Triple+ offers Cloud based, wireless and battery operated water and gas leak management system for the home and business. You can remotely manage any leak at the moment of occurrence.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 17
Triple-T LTD.
2 Igal St., Hadera, Israel
T: +972-4-6209154
Director:Mr. Tal Ronen
Contact Person:Dana Hubner
Company Description
Triple-T, a subsidiary of WFI- Group, specializes in the Design, Construction & Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants, with emphasis on innovative technologies.
Hall 1, Booth # 43
TSD Desalinat ion Ltd.
23 Hakomemiyut St., Tel Aviv, Israel
T: +972-54-6649772
Director:Gil Toren, Director
Contact Person:Gil Toren, Director
Company Description
Solar desalination and water treatment.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 32
Mindaugo str. 15-1, LT-03225 - Vilnius, Lithuania
T: +370-652-25-560
Contact Person:Elena Shestakovskaya
Hall 10, Booth # 83
UET Universal Environmenta l Technology
29 Omerim St., Omer 84965, Israel
T: +972-8-6494889
Director:David Sherzer
Contact Person: Ilan Sosnovitch
Company Description
UET is a worldwide leader in the treatment of water without chemical additives. UET’s revolutionary treatment solutions are based on unique algorithms, proven in major installations around the world.
Hall 1, Booth # 39
Unex Apa rellaje eléctrico, S.L.
Rafael Campalans, 15-21 08903 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain
T: +34-93-333-87-00
Director:David Sherzer
Contact Person:Ms. Anna Kochnova
Company Description
Unex is an independent European group, specializing in insulating noncorrosive systems for conduction, tying, fixing and marking of cables and tubes for the Water treatment industry.
Hall 10, Booth # 21
23 HaMelacha St., Park Afeq Rosh Ha'ayin 4809175 Israel
T: +972-9-8866676
Director:Eran Nevo
Contact Person:Elly Perets
Company Description
Utilis, a start-up company that has developed a satellite base software solution for detecting leaks in urban fresh-water supply systems, utilizing a patented remote-sensing technology.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 12
VAPO spol.s r. o.
. listopadu 371, Lhota za Červeným Kostelcem, 549 41 Červený Kostelec
T: 00420 491 462 696
Company Description
VAPO sro. was established in 1993 and is based in Červený Kostelec, Czech Republic. Our company specializes in two fields: rubberized-fabric products and moulded mechanical-rubber parts.
Hall 10, Booth # 37
Wadis Wat er Disinfection
3 Golda Meir Str. Science Park, Nes-Ziona, Israel
T: +972-8-9313010
Director:Oren Gafri
Contact Person:Riki Gafri
Company Description
Wadis Develops systems for Disinfection & treatment of various liquids (from high turbidity and high organic loads to tap water) by a unique technology of electrical pulse discharge.
Hall 1, Booth # 15
Waterfall Security Solutions Lt d.
21 Hamelacha St. Rosh Ha’ayin, Idan Building 2 Afek industrial Park, Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel
T: +972-3-900-3700
Contact Person:Amir Grovais
Company Description
Waterfall Security is the leading provider of network cyber security products enabling safe and secure IT/OT integration for critical infrastructures, industrial sites and manufacturing facilities. The company develops products which provide strongerthan- firewall protection for industrial control networks.
Hall 1, Booth # 72
WaterMatic Ltd.
P.O.Box 455, Nahalal 10600, Israel
T: +972-4-6224994
F: +972-4-6224995
Director:Ziv Malkin
Contact Person:Eitan Dery, Marketing Manager
Company Description
WaterMatic specializes in the design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of advanced quality water and waste-water treatment systems.
Hall 1, Booth # 62

Waternet portal
Kfar Saaba, Israel
T: +972-50-4009974
Director:Ayelet oron
Contact Person:Ayelet oron
Hall 1, Booth # B3
13 Nahal Snir St., Yavne 812250, Israel
T: +972-54-4252264
Director:Mr. Dan Dayan Rahamim
Contact Person:Hanan Itzkovitch
Company Description
Smart monitoring technology alerts and point the location of blockage/blockage/ leakage. System uses mechanical devices, smart algorithm and one sensor to read flow rates of multi users and water to transfer information.
Maxidome / Innovation Pavilion Booth # 2
Winter Engineering LTD.
Kibutz Alonim 3601101, P.O.Box 218 Qiryat Tivon, Israel
T: +972-4-9532444
Contact Person:Nahum Lifshitz
Company Description
Winter engineering design and manufacture advanced and effective solutions for water treatment utilizing a vast experience in water treatment for all industries. We also provide standard systems such as RO’s, Media filters, Softeners and membranes.
Hall 10, Booth # 57
Corso Milano 26, Padova 35139, Italy
T: +39-0429-600053
Director:Adriano Marin
Contact Person:Michel Bodenheimer
Company Description
Purification of polluted water
Hall 10, Booth # 43
Years of Wat er Limited
Suites 7B & 8B, 50 Town Range, Gibraltar
T: +350-20040000
Director:Moshe Moalem
Contact Person:Michal Bineth-Horowitz
Company Description
Household water treatment solution- 100% microbiological purification, zero maintenance, no energy source needed. Durable and portable device produces 30,000 liters of safe water for families in developing countries and disaster zones.
Hall 10, Booth # 3
Yissum Research & Dev. Co.
Hi-Tech Park, Givat-Ram 91390, P.O.Box 39135, Jerusalem, Israel
T: +972-2-6586688
Director:Yaacov Michlin
Contact Person:Irina Abramzon- Shmueli / Dana Gavish-Fridman
Company Description
Yissum is protecting and commercializing the Hebrew University’s IP and promoting collaborations with Industry. Yissum handles 160 new inventions every year, licensed out 825 technologies to leading companies worldwide and spun-off 110 companies.
Hall 1, Booth # 69 (Academia
ZET Industries (1990) Ltd.
11 Huzot Hayozer St., Southern Ind. Zone, P.O.Box 7408, Ashkelon 7817301, Israel
T: +972-8-6712770
F: +972-8-6712775
Contact Person:Shay Zbeda
Company Description
ZET is specialized in fluid conducting solutions(water, waste and chemicals): Valves Filters and accessories Stone traps Air relief valves Flow control valves Fire hydrants Mechanical fasteners And many more groundbreaking products…
Hall 1, Booth # 18
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