Welcome From The Organizers

Welcome to the Cleanvest Summit 2015,

The world is experiencing dramatic changes. Global warming, the accelerated growth of the world population, scarcity of water and energy resources are all contributing to the growing need for immediate and sustainable solutions.

The conservation and judicious use of water, a precious and integral element, stands at the heart of these solutions. Every active industry, including the energy industry, is in need of advanced water technologies to power tomorrow's solutions.

The answer lies in smart management of resources including comprehensive information gathering, data analysis and the provision of rapid responses that are precise, reliable, and economical.

During Cleanvest 2015, we will examine some of the challenges and special benefits unique to the realm of investments in water solutions. We'll also take a look at some new business models that can connect brilliant ideas to available funding.

I look forward to spending time with you at Cleanvest 2015, where you will have the opportunity to meet innovative Israeli entrepreneurs, local and international investors and government officials. Additionally, we will brainstorm solutions to current challenges and plan cooperative ventures for the future.

Invest in Israel serves as a full-service help center for international investors interested in investigating direct investment and joint ventures in Israel. The center provides assistance to potential investors and serves as a resource for investment related information.

My staff and I look forward to seeing you at Cleanvest 2015.

With warm regards until then.

Oded Distel

Director of Invest in Israel and the Israel NewTech Program