Call for Posters

WATEC Israel 2015


Abstract Submission EXTENDED Deadline       August 20, 2015

The organizers of WATEC 2015 see a great importance in involving Israeli academy and industry R&D teams at the forthcoming conference where their achievements can be highlighted. Thus we are happy to hold a poster exhibition and competition and rewarding the winners. Consequently, as part of the programme, we will be conducting (a) a call for posters, and (b) a judging session to select the ‘Best Poster’. This cumulative award set by the organizers is 2500, where the first prize will receive NIS 1,200 or equivalent, second Prize NIS 800 or equivalent and Third Prize NIS 500 or equivalent.

The WATEC 2015 Organizing Committee would like to invite you to submit an abstract in the following subjects:

  • Implementation of Water Scarcity Solutions
  • Wastewater Treatment & Reclamation
  • Water Challenges in Oil & Gas Industries     
  • Water Efficiency
  • Water Management in Conservative and Hi-Tech Industries
  • Smart Cities Advanced Solutions
  • Water Management in Arid Regions
  • Cyber & Security in Water
  • Water-Energy Nexus
  • Other relevant subjects / topics

Time table:

            Abstract Submission EXTENDED Deadline       August 20, 2015

            Poster Acceptance Notification                        September 1, 2015

            Poster Judging Session                                   Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 12:30  – 13:30 

            "Best Poster" Award                                         Closing Plenary Session

* The winners will be determined by the sum of scores from the judges


1. Research Poster Abstract Preparation Guidelines:

Prepare in English to include the following key elements (200-300 words):

What was the problem and why was it important?
What knowledge are you building on?
What was the intent or goal of the study?
What did you want to learn?
What was the design?
What was the sample?
What instruments were used?
How was data collected and analyzed?
What were the findings?
What do the findings mean?

2. Solutions Poster Abstract Preparation Guidelines:

Prepare in English to include the following key elements (one page):

Purpose:What was the intent or goal of the project?
What problem was addressed by the solution?

What was the solution?
How was it developed and implemented?
Cite the research for the evidence implying how you made a professional decision based on the best available current research or literature, your own expertise or customer’s needs to change a process to improve practice.

Evaluation and Outcomes:What were the outcomes of the project?
How was success measured?

Kindly see above instructions for abstracts submission in the downloadable file below.

Please submit your abstract no later than August 20, 2015
Please as an attachment to the following e-mail address:

For any questions please contact the conference secretariat:

Looking forward to your participation.

Avner Adin, Professor

Chair, Poster Judges Committee

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