About us

Israel NewTech – Government support for Israel’s growing industries

Israel NewTech was founded on the belief that the Israeli water and renewable energy sectors have the talent and capability to be strong growth industries for the country, and to play an important part in establishing the “next generation oasis” for the world’s rising needs.  This pioneering national program is led by the Ministry of Economy and is supported by a number of additional Israeli government agencies. Israel NewTech helps to advance the water and renewable energy sectors by supporting academia and research, encouraging implementation in the local market, and by helping Israeli companies succeed in the international arena.

The program’s goals include:

  • Increasing Israeli exports in the water and alternative energy sectors.
  • Attracting international investment – leading international players in the water market including Veolia, GE, Siemens, Coca-Cola, and 3M have already identified Israel as a strategic target for investment and cooperation.
  • Promoting relevant R&D programs – Millions of dollars in government financing is designated to transforming Israel in to an international beta-site by encouraging technology innovation.
  • Strengthening human capital – heavy investment in academic programs, research scholarships and professional training aimed at encouraging highly educated and qualified professionals in the water and energy sectors.
  • Increasing international awareness of Israel’s water and renewable energy sectors.
         Israel New Tech Diagram