Innovation Happens Here! Water Start-Ups Pitch – Session 2

Moderator: Aviv Berkovich, Manager, Water Sector, Israel Export Institute

14:40: Newsight Imaging – CMOS image sensor chips for water quality analysis

Michal Cooper– Kozlovich, Manager Strategic Partnerships


14:50: STI – Running Water Analysis System

Yuval Ovadia, CEO


15:00: SG Technologies – Anaerobic treatment of livestock wastewater

Dr. Reuven Tal, R&D Manager


15:10: SIGA – SCADA Cyber Alert Systems

Amir Samoiloff, CEO and Co-Founder


15:20: Thetis Solar Desalination -TSD Solar-powered desalination

Joshua Altman, CTO


15:30: WaterSign – Online leak and irregular flow detection

Hanan Itzkovich, VP Business Development


15:40: Hydrantech – Real time monitoring and control of hydrants in a city water network

Dr. Dovik Barkay, Founder and CTO


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