The Voice of Investors: Addressing the burning water-tech investments questions

10:00: Is the VC model suitable to water-tech investments?

Jack Levy, Managing Partner, IVC

10:10: Why we believe water technology investment can create high value?

Maarten ter Keurst, Director of Investments, PureTerra Ventures

10:20: How can kibbutz industries nurture early-stage water technology companies?

Rafi Nevo, CEO, Mamashtela – Kibbutz Industries Investments fund

10:30: Can water utilities accelerate the development of water tech start-up companies and benefit from it?

Booky Oren, Booky Oren Global Water Technologies Ltd.

10:40: Can a large water tech company expand by investments and acquisitions of early stage tech companies?

Kyle Perez, Manager, Open Innovation BU, Hach

10:50: How can a US-Israeli fund accelerate the growth of Israeli companies in the US market?

Gili Elkin, General Partner, Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund

11:00: What are the most efficient government programs to stimulate innovation?

Gil Shaki, Senior Director of Energy, Sustainability and Infrastructure
Israel Innovation Authority

11:10: How shared services improve start-up success?

Dylan West, Director, 25 Madison




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