From Scarcity to Abundance: New Perceptions about Water Value

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As Gold Sponsors of WATEC Israel 2017, Netafim is invested in ensuring that an expected 10,000 delegates get access to the latest technologies and beneficial innovations in water conservation and smart, climate-right agriculture. Water scarcity remains one of our most critical global challenges. Overcoming this challenge will help us not only preserve one of the world’s most precious yet dwindling resources, but also achieve global food security and sustainability. At Netafim, this has been our mission and our goal for more than 50 years. Pioneering smart micro-irrigation solutions is our proven expertise and there is almost no crop in the world whose productivity we have not been able to improve with our smart solutions and almost no climatic conditions in which our solutions do not produce optimum results. In other words, drip irrigation saves water, improves yields, conserves land and other resources, and helps enhance sustainable development and food security for billions.
At WATEC, we will be talking about our latest innovations, including the use of technology in agriculture and digital farming. Netafim has perfected technology solutions that enable farmers to grow more with less. Netafim’s Corporate Agronomy Director, Dubi Raz, will share Netafim’s experience in a panel under the theme of “New Perceptions in Water Value.” Together with the Governor of Iowa, USA, Governor Kim Reynolds, who will open the session with a keynote address, the panel will cover the new ways we are considering water management. Dubi Raz, for example, will share how irrigation solutions can help change the entire social structure of communities as issues relating to drought and water scarcity are resolved.
We believe that the cutting edge of agriculture must leverage today’s advanced digital technologies to be able to deliver the growing food needs of a nine billion population predicted for 2050 as well as helping preserve planetary resources for future generations. At WATEC Israel 2017, we will be pleased to present our progress to date and engage in discussion with delegates about how technology can be fully adopted across different crops in different countries.
We look forward to a very productive WATEC Israel 2017 and hope to see you there. If you’d like to book some time with Netafim experts, please do so at: