ANEAS meets with the Embassy of Israel in Mexico and its Commercial Mission

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A delegation of ten companies from Israel , headed by Israeli Commercial Counselor in Mexico , Uriel Raviv and Business Development Director , Giovanni Bolaños; As well as Antonio Ramírez, of the Water System of the City of Mexico ( SACMEX ); Visited the offices of ANEAS , with the objective of generating links between entrepreneurs, operators and local authorities in favor of the transmission and exchange of solutions and technologies to help mitigate the various water problems in Mexico.
In the framework of the meeting , introductory presentations were made by ANEAS, Dr. Verónica Romero and Lic. Nuri Sánchez, presented the general panorama of the Association, as well as the organizations that integrate it and the various projects that are carried out Annually at the national and international levels.
For his part, the representative of SACMEX presented the context of the water system in Mexico City, the advances that have been generated, as well as the current problems facing the organization.
Ing. Roberto Olivares, Director General of ANEAS, pointed out the importance of a meeting of this nature, in order to know about projects, technological innovations and fields of action that allow a rapprochement between problems and potential existing solutions.
The Companies of Israel exposed the innovations that are contributing to the world water sector, highlighting in the areas of: water treatment, wastewater treatment, desalination , drinking water, water monitoring, flow control, energy efficiency, resource management Hydraulics, solutions and consultancy to the agriculture sector, renewable energies, Research and Development, and companies dedicated to solutions to protect their customers against cyber attacks.