10 Water News Everybody’s Talking About

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For all busy ​​​​​​#water​​experts,​ ​​​​​who have ​​​​tight ​​​​​​schedule ​​​​​​but need to ​​​​​​stay up-to-​​date ​​​​with ​​the ​​​latest ​​​events ​​​and ​​​updates ​​​from ​​​the ​​​​​industry – ​​​​​​here is a list ​​​​​​to keep you ​​​​​​going! ​ ​​ ​​​ ​ ​

An overview ​​​​​of ​the most ​​​​​​important ​​news ​​​​from ​​water ​​​​​​sector. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

  • New System ​Recovers #Fresh​Water From ​#PowerPlants ​

A new system ​​devised by MIT ​​engineers could ​​provide a low-​​cost source of ​​drinking water ​​for parched ​​cities around ​​the world while ​​also cutting ​​power plant ​​operating costs.​​

Read full article HERE: https://thewaternetwork.com/article-FfV/new-system-recovers-fresh-water-from-power-plants-iMr9jiD46OXaO7IaUOJiyA

  • Software Tool ​Can Show When a ​City’s ​#Wastewater Treatment Will ​Fail

Instead of ​​real-time ​​monitoring of ​​the equipment ​​conditions, ​​Wang’s ​​software is ​​based on the ​​historical data ​​on equipment ​​reliability to ​​decide if the ​​existing plant ​​facilities are ​​able to meet ​​the safety ​​requirement on ​​wastewater ​​treatment. ​ ​

Read full article HERE: https://thewaternetwork.com/article-FfV/software-tool-can-show-when-a-citys-wastewater-treatment-will-fail-vQWv118pYbC1hsLKDB5tfw

  • A New ​Material ​Capable of the ​Adsorption of ​Organic ​Pollutants in ​Water ​

A group ​of ​University ​of ​Seville ​​scientists has ​​recently shown ​​the effectiveness ​​of two new ​​absorbent ​​materials ​​capable of ​​eliminating ​​organic ​​pollutants in ​​solution in ​​less than 24 ​​hours. ​ ​

Read full article HERE: https://thewaternetwork.com/_/water-treatment/article-FfV/a-new-material-capable-of-the-adsorption-of-organic-pollutants-in-water–Xh1F-YJvXt6jmvsz1iA-A

  • Chemical-​Feasting ​Bacteria ​Provide New Key ​for Removing 1,​4-dioxane From #​Contaminated​Water ​

NJIT ​​researchers ​​find “​​catalyst” ​​behind a rare ​​bacteria’​​s ability to ​​feed on and ​​remove the ​​contaminant 1,4-​​dioxane from ​​impacted ​​groundwater and ​​drinking water.​ ​

Read full article HERE: https://thewaternetwork.com/_/water-treatment/article-FfV/chemical-feasting-bacteria-provide-new-key-for-removing-1-4-dioxane-from-contaminated-water-d0kFs_5euPaRqY37byHW1Q

  • In Desert ​Trials, Next-​generation ​Water Harvester ​Delivers Fresh ​Water From Air ​

In desert ​​trials, UC ​​Berkeley ​​scientists ​​demonstrated ​​that their next-​​generation ​​water harvester ​​can collect ​​drinkable water ​​from desert ​air each day/​​night cycle, ​​using a MOF ​​that absorbs ​​water during ​​the night and, ​​through solar ​​heating during ​​the day, ​​releases it to ​​be condensed ​​and collected.​ ​ ​ ​

Read full article HERE: https://thewaternetwork.com/_/integrated-water-resource-management-iwrm/article-FfV/in-desert-trials-next-generation-water-harvester-delivers-fresh-water-from-air-c4UisqIfPgeohhgsmoFvQA

  • F-Sand – ​​Cheap and ​Effective #WaterFiltration ​Medium ​

BME/​​ChemE’s ​​Bob Tilton and ​​Todd Przybycien ​​have refined ​​the requirements ​​of a process ​​that turns ​​easily ​​accessible sand ​​and plant ​​materials into ​​a cheap and ​​effective water ​​filtration ​tool.​ ​

Read full article HERE: https://thewaternetwork.com/_/water-treatment/article-FfV/f-sand-cheap-and-effective-water-filtration-medium-omS1_s9Awy93O5ZI4bkOQw

  • #Water ​Processing: New ​Method ​Eliminates ​Hormones ​

Micropollutants ​​Affect ​​Worldwide ​​Drinking Water ​​Quality – ​​KIT Develops ​​Promising ​​Method to ​​Eliminate ​​Hormones ​ ​

Read full article HERE: https://thewaternetwork.com/_/water-treatment/article-FfV/water-processing-new-method-eliminates-hormones-lDE1I1nLnpi0EUJ0MqMv9A

  • Economical ​​Technique ​​Removes ​​Pharmaceuticals,​​ #Chemical​​Contaminants ​​from Public #​​WaterSystems ​

Purdue ​​University ​​researchers ​​developed a ​​series of ​​continuous-flow ​​photoreactors ​​to effectively ​​remove chemical ​​products and ​​compounds from ​​water supplies. ​​

Read full article HERE: https://thewaternetwork.com/_/water-waste-water-management/article-FfV/economical-technique-removes-pharmaceuticals-chemical-contaminants-from-public-water-systems-KXLKYFt6FCqSEJZFjVjjHw

  • #Water Use ​Across the ​United States ​Declines to ​Levels Not Seen ​Since 1970 ​

Reductions in ​​water use ​first ​observed ​in ​2010 ​continue, ​show ​ongoing ​effort ​towards ​“​​efficient use ​​of critical ​​water resources.​​” ​ ​

Read full article HERE: https://thewaternetwork.com/article-FfV/water-use-across-the-united-states-declines-to-levels-not-seen-since-1970-4jGBTOVe6dNsK9xNxjif8w

  • Google ​​Technology ​​Helps ​#Flood​Forecasting ​in ​India ​ ​

The Central ​​Water ​​Commission (CWC)​​ and tech ​giant ​Google ​​signed an ​​agreement to ​​share expertise ​​on flood ​​forecasting. ​​Under the ​​agreement, the ​​CWC will have ​​access to state-​​of-the-art ​​technologies ​​developed by ​​Google related ​​to artificial ​​intelligence ​​and geo-spatial ​mapping. ​

Read full article HERE: https://indiawaterweek.thewaternetwork.com/article-FfV/google-technology-helps-flood-forecasting-in-india-_dXmqJvG2iNduMym3z-nHg