Dear Friends,
Israel is recognized as a global leader in developing innovative and breakthrough technologies to manage scarce water resources. These solutions include drip irrigation, desalination, water reclamation and purification, and improved management and flow control methods.
Israel is also a world leader in developing renewable energy and environmental control solutions. With an abundance of sunshine, the country has pioneered rooftop solar water heaters as well as other solar power systems and photovoltaic cells. Israel has also developed geothermal power, smart-grid technologies, waste treatment and bioconversion.
Through the Ministry of Economy, the Israeli government leads the national program – ISRAEL NEWTech, the national sustainable energy and water program, which supports cleantech. The Ministry also promotes these topics through the Foreign Trade Administration (FTA), the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS), and more, and signs international agreements to enhance cooperation in developing technologies with overseas partners and international consortia.
This government support, together with cutting edge research at Israel’s top quality universities and colleges, and the entrepreneurial spirit have enabled the country’s world renowned high-tech industries to transform thousands of innovative ideas into marketable products, not only in water technologies and renewable energy but also in other advanced technology sectors such as the biomedical industries, communications and IT, electronics and homeland security.
The WATEC Israel 2015 Water Technology and Environment Control Exhibition and Conference provide a chance to gather comprehensive information about Israel’s water technologies, renewable energy and environmental control industries and the enormous potential and investment opportunities offered by the latest products and systems.

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