Extended Aeration TIPTON Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plant


Project: City of Dillard Location: Dillard, Georgia Country: USA Capacity: 200,000 GPD Solution type: Secondary Wastewater Treatment Technology used: Activated Sludge – Extended Aeration Date of Installation: 2006

Background: The 30 year-old TIPTON Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plant at this location needed to be upgraded to handle the increased flows from a growing city and to address new effluent discharge regulations. RWL Water engineers worked closely with project consultants to deploy a cost-effective design which combines existing tankage with new equipment.

Challenges: The mountainous terrain posed special challenges for delivery of project components to the jobsite. The tight plant site offered minimal opportunity for routine expansion of the packaged wastewater plant volumes, hence special designs were needed. Offloading trucks, laydown space, as well as the sequence of system installation all proved to be challenging, requiring concise planning and staging of every aspect of the project.

Solution: The final design comprised a 200,000 GPD extended aeration packaged wastewater treatment plant, treating domestic wastewater for the City of Dillard. Influent and effluent requirements for BOD:TSS was 250 mg/L:250 mg/L and 20 mg/L: 20 mg/L respectively. The plant was designed as a “triple-wide” tank system to fit the existing site. The existing packaged wastewater plant was converted to serve as the sludge holding chamber; new mechanical equipment was supplied and assembled inside this existing tank to complete the conversion. The 200,000 GPD extended aeration system comprises a total of three trains in a parallel attached configuration.

Source: http://vertassets.blob.core.windows.net/download/4834faf7/4834faf7-6fd6-4ce7-8819-a7ee050c7cb7/dillardgeorgiacasestudyrebrand.pdf