Water challenges;
Oil & Gas Industry

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Water Treatment for Food & Beverage

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Water challenges, Mining Industry

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Water treatment, The Bio-Pharma & Chemicals Industry

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Emergency Incident Management

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Water treatment for heavy industry

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Water treatment for Vehicle Industry

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Cleanvest Summit

Hear and learn about the new
technological breakthoughs that
the Israeli water industry has to
offer !
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Start Networking now on chance
to meet !
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Exhibitors list

Learn about the companies exhibiting at WATEC Israel 2015
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Agro Energy Nexus Summit

The Summit will explore many crucial topics within the field of biofuels and agro-energy projects ranging from agronomic project management to the latest advancements in..
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Wellcome Letter

Dear Participants,

Following the success of past WATEC events, it is my honor and pleasure to invite you to participate in WATEC Israel 2015 The Israeli Water Week.

Due to its continuous necessity supported by entrepreneurial culture, Israel has become click to read more

Why Watec ?

WATEC Israel presents the perfect opportunity to hear from and meet a range of growing water, energy & environment companies seeking a combination of partners, investment and professional services to develop their companies.

Watec Israel is a biennial exhibition which lasts three days at The TLV Convention Center.

Watec Israel 2013 exhibition hosted - 195 exhibitors (presented at an area of ​about 4,500 square meters), about 15,000 visitors, 250 official delegations, including 34 ministers and governors and created hundreds of business opportunities for companies. 

The 2015 International Conference

This years conference will emphasize the technologies that can serve as the key to a much more efficient exploitation of natural resources (Water, Soil, Energy & Materials). Bringing together Israeli & international business executives, political decisions makers and leading researches, WATEC 2015 will be a showcase for the most advanced technologies and solutions from around the world.

Why Israel?

The Israeli water market is internationally recognized as highly developed, having benefited from many years of experience in managing scarce water resources. Moreover, the national industry is widely regarded as a nexus of world-class expertise in the water field.

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